Let’s play a game. Let’s play, “Ask Your Elected Sheriff” a question, after all, he is a Public Servant for all, not just a few. He was elected to be honest and answer concerns and questions.

SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Problem is, he doesn’t.

He just plays Big Dick The World’s Sheriff bullshit with the Republican Club where they kiss his ass no matter what he does, who he screws on the side, who he lets “off” hand jobs at the Rub and Tug and future infractions.

The women of the Republican Women’s Club just get all giggly around Par, after all the man is and was the biggest Cockswain ever to hit Baylor, and Waco in general. Par was also a member of the TAURUS CLUB, a Baylor Club back when that had a sort of Uber service to other cities for girls “in trouble”. Yeah for a big anti abortionist he certainly helped the population control back in the day.

NO body cams. He has to protect himself after all.

HE MOVED HIS BROTHER’s BODY along with Sherre Shack Job and when he did this, he totally corrupted Cody Blossman who had NO CLUE what he was tapped to do when Par took him to the American Inn with him that day in September of 2015.

It’s up to the rest of us.

Ask this son of a bitch if he moved his brother.

Many of you already have asked him and it’s driving him nuts, reports say that Par “cannot go anywhere” WITHOUT some asshole asking him if he moved Mike along with Sherre and Blossman.

Let’s all be THAT asshole and ask this man the most obvious queston.

So, Parnell, candidate for Sheriff for Life, did you move Mike?

Come on………


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