Sherre’s story on this blog has reached over 8,000 new people to ask Parnell if he moved his brother.

A big shout out and wave to Sherre as she gets on that prison bus only to get there and come back home again thanks to a pretty much sweetheart deal.

Most everyone is happy her gun happy, drunk, twat xanaxed self is finally going to the Big House where she can have a prison calligraphy class and if she doesn’t act right the Hispanic girls will remove her eyebrows with a thread.

Jason Darling says she’s working on her sobriety, right, and her PTSD that she blames on me. You gotta love it.

The wives of Woodway Baptist can breathe a sigh of relief and actually leave their husbands alone at a table to go to the restroom now without Sherre trying to seduce them.

She’ll be back out on parole soon, probably an ankle monitor, maybe not, hopefully she won’t be driving again and have an ankle monitor.

None of this will work because she’s a rarity, a Female Narcissist. She’ll do something else, some stunt and this will just keep on going. Her pretend Christianity and support from a whole lot of “positive” people has put us where we are today and haven’t done her ass any good.

They’ve kissed her ass and other parts for years because she was pretty and young.

That ship sailed.

Xanax, thanks to Dr. Barbin, booze and privilege.

There has never been a more entitled bitch in the entire city.

This will never end well.

Jason Darling just mouthed her bullshit and everyone “made nice” for Par.

If it hadn’t been for people being informed because of all the public information printed on this blog the bitch would have walked again.

Tetens has nothing to be proud of here, if she’dve been anyone else, she’dve been gone for a solid 20.

He’ll have another chance, you wait and see.


6 thoughts on “A BIG THANK YOU TO SHERRE

  1. Sherre is finally going to prison! She will have everyone in the church writing letters to the parole board. Too bad the other charges were dismissed. That is a rarity for a burglary charge. With all the DWI charges she had, that would bring a hefty sentence. She is a danger on the roadways and everywhere!

    1. Obviously you know her. The woman is probably going to be my lifetime ambition, so you and I both know this ain’t gonna stop a thing. She’ll be back highly pissed off. John better sleep with his eyes open. Thanks for reading and writing me. A whole lot of her girlfriends do, she’s out of her gawddamned mind. xoxo

    2. The church people are enabling idiots. They think John’s a big Christian, I think he’s gay and likes to wear her clothes at home. He’d better sleep with his eyes open when she gets back. He remortgaged the house six DWI’s ago and she’s going to come out pissed off he didn’t get her out. Obviously, he is out of his gawddamned mind. Would you sleep next to her? Oh, fk no.

  2. Sir
    Your the best of Texas.
    I’m going to tell all political scandal book about what they did to me in the six years of election fraud by FBI snitches caused by liberals in Austin.
    You’re an inspiration sir God bless.
    Last month I took photos of Tom emmer the GOP whip.
    Austin didn’t destroy me they just made me pissed off enough to get my American citizenship and run for Congress I’m targeting sanctuary cities.

  3. I can’t believe it she was sentenced to prison!! This woman is a danger on the roadways and a menace to society.

    She thinks she has PTSD, what about her children! Can you imagine the drama in that home.

    Her daughter that married last month looked pretty happy at her wedding. She was probably happy she did not have to share the limelight with her mother, worry bout her mother getting drunk, making fool of herself on the dance floor or screwing all the groomsmen.

    John needs to get power of attorney and sell that house, retire and move out of state and leave her ass high and dry if he has any sense.

    I will be writing to the prorate board not to release her. If she only serves another 13 months it will do no good. She needs to be humbled and serve all 8 years.

    By the way do you know what prison she will be in?

    1. Sherre rubs her pussy on everyone. She is a mess and I doubt she behaves in prison, if she doesn’t, she won’t do well. I do not think she can resist, too far gone. Wernecke’s disease, drunk brain. Alcohol is cruel to women. John’s a fucking idiot.

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