When someone is actively dying or getting chemo at your job, does your boss make them manager? Hell no.

Well, the Republican Club, which is the ONLY public forum you’re going to see chickenshit Parnell at mostly boasting, definitely answering preplanned bullshit questions, got to hear Parnell ask for “prayers” for Steve January who is reported to have “four months to live with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer” according to numerous sources.

Okay, I get it, Par elevates his dying buddy to Chief Deputy to up Steve’s pay, therefore more money for the soon to be widow, Alice. Do I have a problem with her having money? No.

Do I have a problem with Parnell trying to sugar coat this? Yep.

Poor January is in great denial, “excited” over his new position and ready to go. He says his condition is “serious” but there are treatment options. Right? No.

So, the message is if you kiss Par’s ass enough, he’ll make sure your family is taken care of much like a scene from the GODFATHER.

Is this right? No. It’s not. It’s The Brotherhood, it’s Nepotism, and that they both can get up there are pretend this shit is beyond comprehension.

Steve January was NEVER chastized, never investigated, never exposed for setting up a cushy WALK THROUGH for hs sister in law Paulette Penry the party planner. Who the fuck is she?

Why the fuck did Paulette Pendley drunk as shit wrecked her fucking car could have killed somebody Pendley get to just slide through the jail, hopefully undetected? Because she was Steve January’s sister in law and HE arranged this.

You recon your broke ass is going to get this kind of treatment? Try it.

What January did with me was wrong. What January did with his sister in law was wrong.

Special Treatment is what they give out and the Republican Club, well, since these rich fucks never know when one of their own’s going to screw the pooch they just keep on bullshitting the old man, Par, throwing money at him and just kissing his ass.

The Republican Club is bullshit. Parnell is bullshit and elevating the dying January proves that he’s a rewarding bully, The other side of that is his penchant for punishing those who he doesn’t like.

Also wrong and illegal, but since no one cares, the “once upon a time” bullshit keeps on keepin’ on.

The truth is that January was and is the hatchet man, Par’s going to give him more money and his family because Par’s The Man, at least in his head and with access to the County payroll.

Promoting a dying man and having him work for the Citizens of the county while under chemo and the other stuff at the age of 64, you tell me. Ain’t it nice to wield that power?

No matter how much hair dye you put on your hair and brows, no matter how many waitresses you try to feel up, the Great Equalizer is here.

I am a taxpayer, I am a citizen, I am not a member of this Brotherhood.

I’m, like you, pretty much hung out there with no Par Parachute or relative with a badge, on my own.

This, sorry, ain’t right.

Witherspoon knows the truth too, just slops on some more bullshit like the entire county doesn’t know the truth.



Sheriff Parnell McNamara appoints Capt. Steve January as his new chief deputy (

Tell the gawddamned truth about your health, get real here. Denial is fine if you work somewhere besides law enforcement, come on you people. Come on.

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