Well, Capt. January is very ill and leaving. I guess I should be a bigger person and in truth, I wouldn’t wish a protracted illnesss on anyone expecially someone still as young as Capt. January.

Do I have reason to cry over this? No. Captain January has spoken to me on the phone before, called me when I lived in Hutto, with Par on Speaker Phone and played “good cop”, which, frankly, he isn’t good at, he was phony and wanted me to come over to the Sheriff’s department and “talk”. Right? He also thought he was too charming for me to notice the threats. HE wasn’t.

January threatened me, I could piss off the Pope, I have to say, but he made it clear that they wanted me in jail for “doxxing”. That’s putting Par’s address out on the internet after he took the Dunn Family guns and pawned them back a few years ago, at Praco. January had NO answer for me when I asked him how it was “doxxing” when Parnell lived at the Bosqueville Community Center ON A HIGHWAY, and slept on a cot under a disco ball, not the old McNamara place.

January sputtered and spit and tried to hold his position but since none of them can look up a law or ask a lawyer, his manby pamby bullshit fell apart quickly and I told them to come arrest me.

Instead they got the Rangers, Margaret Moore of the DA’s office then in Austin, that Par went to school with for life, and the Travis County Sheriff’s department to come after me.

I got the paperwork from Open Records with the trail from the Rangers all the way to Deputy HITCH, another illiterate, on and on, and it’s all online proving what lengths they went to trying to stop that story.

See, Parnell doesn’t like it when his shack jobs resurface as was the case with the unhappy Dunn family after “Connie”, another of Par’s Posse, gave Par the gun collection AND SAFE to “appraise”. Well, he appraised them all right down to his office until he need to PAWN the guns to go to Switzerland.

Don’t we all do that?

One of the best phone calls of my life was calling Vic Feazell and asking him to handle the situation for me. He moaned and mumbled some questions, chastising me for going to far, then I told him that


Well, let me tell you, he loved making that phone call to the Travis County Deputy in charge, telling them that with all this education, and much to do about nothing, they got the county wrong.

See, one thing about Vic Feazell, he has a sense of humor you wouldn’t believe, and this was just fun for him.

January also did his best to locate THE LEAK that told me his sister in law, Paulette, got drunk as Cooter Brown, at the Baylor Club, took a drink with her to the car, drove drunk in Lorena, AND had a wreck.


Real morals ole boy. The Waco PD was all over the place that night and and word of January giving her the walk through went around like wildfire.

January, like Par, Blossman, the Embalmer and a few others were members of the DARK SIDE. Where you use your position to help people you like and just FUCK those you don’t.

SO, now we get a whole new batch for Par to corrupt one event at a time.

Sorry you’re ill but I know what you did and the more of you deputies who THINK you’re the “good guys” that leave public life the better.

Being corrupt happened little by little, day by day and Par corrupted January, and the rest.

I don’t wish ill health on people, no reason to with the obvious bad diets and drinking but January being gone, along with Kilcrease who seemed to have no balls at all is not a bad thing.


Here’s Steve January on the right, if you take a look at the leaky gut group of overweight, out of shape, over the hill, and flatly kind of badly kept deputies, health problems have got to be a real issue. One can only imagine the high blood pressure, diabetes, knee replacement, cancer of the prostate, constipation, and flat out poisoning of the mind because the body is ill bunch.


    1. I can say firsthand, he is a crooked cop, he is a manipulator, phoney, mean, hateful, threatening, uses his badge to fuck people AND letting his sister in law walk through, guess that didn’t count. These men ARE god in this county. Bullies and bullshit. Wonder if God grades on the curve for Parnell’s ass kissers? One thing’s for sure JUSTICE is better off without him, maybe someone new will say “no”.

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