Seems Char is sending out invitations, bet we all know who got one and who didn’t. THIS keeps Sheriff Yellowstone Chickenshit from having to FACE anyone, and since he has to announce, he can’t let Cody or the Embalmer do it for him. Problem.

Betcha Char is his campaign treasurer too, just in time to move the fk out from under the disco ball at the Community Center and redo the delapidated McNamara house with the campaign money.

Char HAS to be his campaign treasurer, David Dixon won’t do it anymore, and Sara Ferguson, well, she quit years ago after that pesky sixty thousand dollar LOAN to Par from a family member that CHAR insists says, “Gift”, you can bet that didn’t go to the Election board, IRS, or Campaign Finance. Nope.

Unfortunately, the daddy issues in the McNamara family keep a lot of things secret, or at least they think so.

SO, guess this means no debates too.


Cause that is what this is.

Like John Johnston, Par is scared to death of Char.

Depose me, keep threatening me, I don’t lie, you do.


Char, redoing the McNamara homestead one campaign contribution at a time

Well, after that last trip to Aspen, all that repairing going on at the old McNamara home place, and ain’t getting any younger, Parnell McNamara will be announcing his candidacy as your Sheriff for Life on January 17th. I don’t know where yet but let’s go and ask some questions, shall we?

How about WHY Captain January on KWTX said Lillie Hefele was murdered near West and “He”, January himself, knew where, only to have Par say, it didn’t happen here. He said that to protect the most likely suspect AND his second highest contributor, number 2 on the big Clifton Robinson invitation, Johnny Ash, the pillar of society here in Waco. Has his name right there with Clifton. Nice. Of course, that was because CHAR put it there, but, ain’t it great.

Par MADE them stop investigating Lillie Hefele, sure did, the prick.

Was January lying or Par is just such a hot investigator? Well, since he said he had no idea his poor wife was an alcoholic, I don’t think he was much of an investigator after all. Get pissed old man, do the initials JFS ring a bell? I got sources, right from the bedroom, try me.

This is Lillie Hefele, Parnell pulled people off solving her cold case because he was scared of what they’d find. If you’re not white and rich, you’re just fked here.

The Great Sheriff will not investigate this.

Who killed Lillie Hefele? 40 years later question haunts family

https://www.kwtx.com › content › news › Who-killed-Lill…

Feb 25, 2020 — Lillian Morales “Lillie” Hefele was 40 when she died 40 years ago. (Fort Worth Police Dept. photo)(KWTX).

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KWTX News 10 – WACO COLD CASE: Lillian Morales “Lillie”…

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Feb 26, 2020 — WACO COLD CASE: Lillian Morales “Lillie” Hefele was 40 when she died 40 years ago and, in all that time, nobody’s been charged with her …

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