Hey, wanna yard sign?

This is John Johnston, also a public figure, used to be the Fire Chief until November of 2015, two months after his wife, Sherre, was shacked up with Mike Mc and he died 9-2-15, also John has to endure that wonderful 911 call, which, no matter how you slice it is the “smoking gun” of the situation with Sherre and her affairs with both brothers.

Notice John’s smirk. His wife is fking the High Sheriff, Truman, Mike Mc, and half the Woodway Baptist Church. John wants to be a good dad, husband, and fireman.

John is also scared of the Sheriff, his own pistol packing wife, and the future.

Waco Fire Chief to step down (fox44news.com)

Waco firefighter fired after gun arrest, alleged Bandidos affiliation (wacotrib.com)

Wonder if Parnell has talked to John about what to do with Sherre. Truman did, why not Par? John, according to other people who have worked with and for him, isn’t exactly a sweetheart, he’ll gut your ass in a heartbeat. John is known to be ruthless but when it comes to cuckolding, no problema.

Wonder if John is going to vote for Parnell?

Wonder if the Parnel Posse is going to get the endorsement of the Firemen?

If Parnell McNamara can move his own brother, corrupt Cody Blossman in the process, lie to Susan Istre, there, Par, I said those two words, Susan Istre, you know she’s got your number, do you really want him for Sheriff?

I have sort of felt sorry for John, but, the thought of Vic Feazell letting some man come pick me up for a shack up at the house doesn’t exactly go like it did for John, Truman, and Sherre. Most men, including Vic would be livid and the situation might get deadly, as this stuff, at least in the past, didn’t fly.

Your wife is humping the Sheriff and burglarizing her former lover’s house. What do you do?

Ask John if he’s voting for Par or giving his endorsement.

John may think he’s given enough.

SO, if you can vote for some old cockswain who has his girlfriend in jail and power and that’s ok, just go right on.

Hello McLennan County Citizens for Good Government, we would like Par to hold a press conference and deny the allegtions of him moving Mike’s body.

Aw. Come on.


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