There are just no words for Barry Johnson, the man who fired Aubrey Robertson after about a week on the job for causing “chaos” when his office is just downright corrupt and, just like the rest of them, he takes up for his employee and the office, well, Robertson certainly didn’t get that did he? Sharon Pruitt rides in to save the day for the DA’s office and one thing’s for sure when Jessie Freud is involved as the defense attorney, look no farther than her. I’d vote for her for anything in a New York minute, she’s the smartest kid on the block and they’re just stupid not to fear her. She walks in WITH the evidence in hand and has a reputation for telling the truth, the hard truth. Once again Barry’s office has its ass handed to it on a plate, just go read Witherspoon’s article and come out of it shaking your head.

Talk about a problem with reality, Barry Johnson’s got one. He also has NO leadership ability, no friends at the Courthouse even though they’re all in the same Party, and a bitter disappointment to me, personally. I jumped through his hoops. He wanted the FOYA I uncovered his way, and he got it his way, I guess he was surprised I actually delivered and then, he says he did this and that, personally, I believe nothing he has to say, he was too inept to even go along to get along.

SO, here we are not just the justice system but the lawyers themselves in a moral vacuum.

Please don’t get in trouble here. Everyone, yes, everyone, is dirty in their own little way. Barry wants to think and be proud of the fact he wasn’t calling folks from a Magic Jack phone extorting money for dismissals but another kind of crook, a not even memorable one, just a crook for not doing a thing.



Murder trial in Waco ‘trap’ house killing postponed after McLennan County DA is disqualified for alleged prosecutorial misconduct (kwtx.com)

By Tommy Witherspoon

Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 6:48 PM CDT|Updated: 16 hours ago

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – The murder trial of Kevin Darnell Wash was postponed Monday after prosecutors disqualified the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office from the case in the wake of prosecutorial misconduct and official oppression allegations levelled by Wash’s attorney.

Defense attorney Jessi Freud alleged in motions filed Monday morning that Assistant District Attorney Anthony Smith improperly retaliated against at least two witnesses in the Wash case by indicting them after they declined to cooperate in the prosecution of the case.

While 19th State District Judge Thomas West denied the motion, First Assistant District Attorney Sharon Pruitt moved to disqualify the DA’s office in light of the allegations, which could lead to a criminal investigation.

West accepted the disqualification notice and said he will appoint another prosecutor from an outside agency to handle Wash’s case and others associated with the chaotic incident.

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