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SHERRE JOHNSTON EMAIL: ” I didn’t call 911 immediately”….. | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

“I’ve felt responsible because I didn’t call 911 immediately I didn’t know what the heck was going on”………..

This was from Sherre Johnston to one of the people she thought was her friend much like her differing opinion with the Simons family. She was wrong. She sent this to the friend who freaked out, ultimately, yes, I got it.

If she has PTSD it’s from all the batpooh crazy stuff she’s been doing at her advanced age. She makes fun of me because I am old, at least I know it. Duhhh.

Sherre seems to have settled in playing Religious Counsellor at the jail. We’re in trouble as a society, people. She admits to being an alcoholic, but the burglary, TWICE, well, she seems to have some Asberger’s Syndrome and can’t tell when people are just sick of her sh$t as the poor Simons kids were. Ok, they tolerated her and Daddy being an item. If you think they were just buds, please think again. Sherre mentions that it went on for twenty one years, their friendship with her family being closer than his own family. Well, barf. Isn’t true AND she wasn’t just his friend. I know. I was friends of both of them, they hooked up and believe me, they hooked up yes, the full sexual boat, for years. She’s old now and has church people blinded to her and feeling sorry for her husband, and Truman’s dead. Sherre goes places where she isn’t wanted by the females who aren’t stupid. Char, for one, remember the shed? Now we have the Simons kids who are tired of it. We also have a Sheriff who has a “no body cam” policy so that we can’t hear the five deputies beg and argue with the Simons family NOT to arrest or “is there some misunderstanding” here? Nope, no body cams, Sheriff has too many spoiled little aging girlfriends, we can’t have it.

As far as Sherre getting bond and getting out, one thing’s for sure, Sherre collected photos from her club members and is using them against them, she photoshops herself as you can see but not the others, she ENDORSES Josh Tetens, like anyone cares who she endorses and the “make nice” decisions people made to be polite, well, Sherre knew what she was doing, except she probably overplayed her hand. Yes, we know she accosted people and virtually made them pose with her, right, I wouldn’t do it, have you people no fortitude? You certainly can write ME, but refuse to take a photo with a known female humiliating her husband? Oh, no, we cannot do that, the Sheriff or Char might be watching. You cowards.

Par, already has taken “hiding evidence” and “unlawfully carrying” off Sherre’s jail sheet, ALTHOUGH she was indicted for those things by a Grand Jury and that hasn’t been dropped. Obviously, Parnell McNamara feels like Sherre Johnston needs to have a gun with her. Parnell McNamara is Sherre’s Sugar Sheriff and the policy in Waco is “wink wink”, while all the religious Republicans just let all that be okay. Because they’re suck ups. Because they cannot speak truth to Power Par even when his salacious relationship with Sherre is as obvious as can be and Sherre is now in Par’s Place and Par surely seems to me to be waiting for Josh to drop those charges.

I do not believe that but I do believe Josh hasn’t let Par know yet. At some point he will and then we’ll be back to enemy hood again. Par is vindictive and needs things to go well for Sherre and also a local JP who doesn’t know Bellmead from Franklin Ave, or they’ll talk about the day they were all involved in the Sheriff moving his own dead or dying brother who was shacked up with Sherre Johnston.

Speak truth to power, but don’t drive, if you do, Par is dangerous and his henchmen have no body cams.

Notice how badly Par wants her to have her gun back.

Notice how Par drops where she hid her gun under the deputy’s hat box.

Notice how Par instigated the incident where Sherre, Char, Mary Howard etc. got into it at the election place on Cobbs.

Notice how Par wants Sherre armed, Par is the puppetmaster.

Notice how Par drops the gun charge on her jail sheet even though the GRANDY JURY indictment still stands. Josh?

Notice how Par puts Tetens in a bad, bad position, and doesn’t care who he uses to get Sherre out so she cannot tell the truth about moving Mike’s body.

Notice how Parnell can’t get it through his head that we all know that he moved Mike.

Get the fk real here old man.



  1. All this going on and the flipping Republican Party of Mclennen county crying about some pig with a police hat spray painted at the HOT fair, we have lost it big time.

    It will end, maybe, when they all die.

    God help us all.

  2. Well, well, well. If I remember correctly, I was listening to the scanner the night of the trespassing/arrest and it was stated the son and daughter were contacted and she did not have permission to be on the property. Also, now I’m getting old and can be wrong, but I remember something about an open window that perhaps she went through. The officer did state that the front door was locked.
    If she was left half of everything, then why was she charged by the son and daughter for trespassing on 50% of her property that was willed to her. The obit was a joke, she put her name before his kids as if she was his spouse. How embarrassing for her husband or ex husband. Then two of her children were listed as survivors. One of them must not have be to keen on pawpaw!
    And as far as Pastor Sherre is concerned, the Bible warns of false teachers. How many times has this woman repented? She obviously never took God’s word seriously. Look where she is at now? I’m sure when she gets out she will have a ministry and on TV after midnight begging for money. Please just don’t sing. Oh man, that was bad.
    Maybe, she can convince all her jail mates to sell blood and put the money in her account in exchange for hands on healing through her ministry to get her out of jail. I bet she makes her jail-mates give her all their lemon packets to keep her hair bleach. I bet it is half gray and blonde. She’s got that ‘I’ve been in jail hair color! You can’t get that from a bottle. Just jail time.
    Maybe, she shouldn’t missed with the DA’s girlfriend!

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