Would the readers of this blog please go to the Facebook page of Josh Tetens for DA and let him know there is only ONE question for his candidacy. Please write to him, he is a candidate, sure the Republican women don’t want to ask, guess they’re busy trying to keep their own husbands out of Bellmead motels, BUT Miss Sherre is “one of them” and so please write and ask Josh what he intends to do.

It’s a campaign issue if I ever saw one………………..get the hell real here. Ask him.


  1. I applaude your straight forward hold nothing back questions. Bernadette have you met him? I’m asking because every one of us has the ability to sense good or bad Intentions within seconds of meeting someone. He didn’t get ole pars endorsement until the last second. I believe he didn’t want to endorse him. I don’t run with the Republican bunch in fact I sent alot of solid evidence to the do nothing ladies & I was labeled woowoo. I run with hardworking under paid folks that just want their kids & grandkids to have a decent upbringing. Republicans & democrats that hold positions now gotta go. We need ppl like you or me or Josh in these positions unfortunately ya have to run under one party. He’s humble,he’s kind, & the rest is in his eyes. They tell you EVERYTHING. I believe his intentions are 100% good. Thanks for the hard work & boldness. Not all of us are as bold as you. 😊

    1. He knows the Sheriff and her brother fuck her, get real, it’s a campaign issue, yes, it is, he is known as the Sheriff’s boy, I didn’t start that. He needs to just say NO. She campaigned for him, there are films, he should say that since she campaigned for him, that he will send it off. Robbie sure as shit won’t touch her case. SHE is waiting for Tetens to get in office, can’t you see that? Silence is a tacit YES. EVERYONE sucks up to her. To me, it’s the only campaign issue.

    2. I am not bold, I am fucking tired of it. It plays out in front of us and everyone just thinks it’s okay. IT’s not. HE is her friend, look at the photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially from this whore and her male friends who disrespect her poor idiot husband at every turn for pussy.

    3. I believe you can have good intentions but powerful daddy figures like Parnell can influence them. You have to know they are ALL saying he’s Parnell’s boy. The nastiest people in town are hoping he’s going to let them off stuff. Lee Humphrey has a TETENS sign, he thinks Josh is going to let him off sending luid photos of his own wife to people, Erika Schwartze has numerous DWI’s, Sherre Johnston for sure thinks Tetens is going to let her go……..I did not start this it’s just there and it’s not just me saying it. HE needs to address it, Sherre is a menace. I would be known as my own man, he does not seem interested in that.

  2. I laughed way too hard at this one! I was recently on a jury with Josh as the defense attorney and we unanimously voted to let the guy off even though we all believed he was absolutely guilty. It wasn’t because Josh did such a bang up job for the defendant, but because the prosecutor, Barry Johnson himself, sucked balls, left too many holes and unanswered questions. Josh came off as arrogant and his appearance was downright slovenly. Personally, not impressed. Keep up the great work!

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