Asking women about their TAN LINES also counts as sexual harassment, what does it take?

You notice it’s always the Jeezus Freaks that want to hump everything that walks………



Please take a look in the mirror you dirty, dirty old man with a fine wife and family. Come on.

6 thoughts on “SEX PEST WEST WON’T STOP

    1. Big ole Jesus freak gets up in front of people and pretends to be sooo Christian, trying to hump young women everywhere he goes on the sly. His buddies from Baylor have protected his dumbass….so far BUT something’s not right with him and he won’t stop until he gets the entire place sued. NO ONE wants to tell anyone anything, just kiss ass.
      What a full creeper.

  1. He makes young women soooo uncomfortable, you’d think after being outted he’d stop, THIS is true, very true, and it’s a matter of time until he gets his dumbass sued. Guess he’s just lying to his wife, I feel sorry for her, it’s humiliating.

    1. Imagine being twenty something years old and having this creep try to hump you, sooo uncomfortable, the man is disgusting and old and not attractive on a good day. Makes your flesh crawl.

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