I don’t know about you but I am pretty sick of the cowboy shit.

Your Sheriff for Life is starting his campaign early. WHY? Because he cannot make it on his salary, AND those loans from TFNB and David Littlewood, that $97K recently, ain’t gonna cut it and he has to LIVE off his Campaign Contributions so, he’s starting his collections for his “war chest”, or, better yet, just blowing, going, and spending money. The man never pays for a meal, go to KIM’s at Lunch at see him walk that check daily, or other restaurants around town, steakhouses, breakfast, he eats them all out and NEVER pays.

He is pledging to work hard to keep citizens SAFE, well, that is unless his own deputy runs your ass over on I35 OR if you decide to run, you’re dead meat and ole Par, well, whatever his deputies do, there’s NO NEED FOR INVESTIGATION. His deputy can shoot you with someone else’s hog gun too, they’ll clear that right up even if YOU haven’t been licensed to shoot that gun. No problems, deputies do whatever they want to do, no discipline.

Parnell McNamara’s deputies and jailers HATE HIM, the only ones he has on his side are his higher paid idiots loyao to the Par and the money.

PARNELL also refuses to bring in BODY CAMS, because body cams would record his girlfriends asking for him and other inconvenient things, so no body cams.

THIS will be a BIG campagn issue, and ole Par, well, he’s going to get himself an opponent that follows him around asking him where that 41K is missing from the evidence locker. He might also have to prove WHERE HE GOT THOSE EXPENSIVE HORSES, another place his money goes, all the livestock and toys. Not to mention Char’s constant plastic surgery.

YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST, I’m laughing. WHOSE safety comes first?

SO donate money to ole Par, please make it a check and then see how long before at some point his dumb ass will get caught for campaign finance violations.

Donate to keep your Sheriff’s lifestyle rolling, the trips to Aspen, to the Hielo, Galveston, on and on, donate to redo the ole McNamara place that hasn’t been lived in for over fifteen years, needs a roof, no telling what all on the foundation etc and 97K, well, that’s just a joke.

Notice how his buddy at COMMUNITY BANK, ole David Lacy, has figured out how NOT TO make Parnell’s 800K plus “LOAN” for nuthin’ quiet and off the internet. Did I mention that loan is at 2%?

Watch Parnell NOT do a debate next year either, just show up and get introduced by his cronies introduce him as “AMERICA’S SHERIFF”, well, he’s Waco’s crooked Sheriff and nothing more.

Maybe his opponent will find out from where Char’s palomino horse wandered up from, obviously, Parnell can’t.


Parnell McNamara

Yesterday at 6:56 AM  · 

As the Sheriff, I pledge to continue working hard to keep citizens and visitors of McLennan County safe. It’s an honor to serve the great citizens of this county. Your safety

comes first! ~Sheriff Parnell McNamara~


  1. Par is just a shell according to field deputies, Sunshine has kicked Kilcrease to the curb in favor of Blossman. His hopes of being undersheriff.

    So currently, Par-par, Blossman and Aguirre are in the race?

    What a flipping circus.😂

    1. Just make Body Cameras the issue, I can tell you people did not know. Hell, I didn’t know, how embarrassing, but I didn’t. Most peeps don’t and no one, I mean no one thinks that’s cool, not one bit. EVERYONE seems to know that body cams are free too. Par made a mistake on that one. ONE debate and he’s done. Besides, I plan to show up in person and ask a few questions. I don’t think anything else will work.

      1. I absolutely love your posts! I’ve lived in McLennan county my whole life. I knew it was corrupt, I just had no idea how corrupt McLennan County is. Parnell McNamara needs to be exposed publicly, and would love to help spread the word. God bless you for all of your hard work and courage exposing this protected criminal!

      2. Thanks for that. I NEVER thought they didn’t have body cams. To think people are talking to them and assuming they are being recorded, which is a good thing. Imagine someone from someone else finding out they’re in trouble in the only place in the State without body cams. It’s incredible. When Sherre Johnston got herself arrested in March, I thought, ohmygawd FIVE body cams, nope. He may have a real campaign issue with this. Could we be that lucky? HE operates out in the open, doesn’t pay at restaurants, horses wander up, on and on, it’s incredible. Everyone just kisses his ass too.

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