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Please Harry readers, write to these just ignorant mfkrs at the above KWTX address, how you feel about this, I am embarrassed to tell you that I had no clue until a few days ago that…….


A broken hearted woman wants to see what happened to her nephew that was a “son” to her.

The Texas Law concerning “high speed chase” is on the Sheriff’s department’s side, hell, what isn’t, BUT, the family wants to see the dash cam videos, that’s their right. They haven’t seen the videos BUT, yesterday, the reporter doing the story was shown THE VIDEO by the Sheriff himself.

The Sheriff also said he would show the family the video AFTER DPS completed their investigation. That’s cool except the DPS completed it on the ninth of August via a letter to the family from DPS.

FACT, Parnell McNamara cannot log on to a computer. No. He can’t. Everyone knows it.

NOW we have people coming out on FACEBOOK KWTX to either say “he had it coming”, or, some that didn’t miss the point, which is, the family just wanted answers that our Sheriff wouldn’t give them, BUT, he did give the answers to the reporter from KWTX.

Did I mention that the family of the high speed chase victim, are black.

The other real point of the story which KWTX neglected to tell the public is that NO BODY CAMERA IS RACIST. Give me one good reason. One.

A lady who’s last name is “Sanchez” took up for one of my post, you know I got them going on KWTX Facebook, because she’s MEXICAN and MEXICANS know what “no body cam” means too, here in Woodway, where everyone is going to heaven and “God gave me the money”, they think their kids won’t get in trouble.

Well, white folks, if your good girl or boy gets in trouble you’l find out the hard way that NO BODY CAMERAS isn’t just for black folks.

JEEEeeezuschristonacupcake there is a world outside of Waco, we’re the ONLY ones without body cams.

When the hell do you people finally get mad? When a banker’s kid gets killed?

Harry has readers from all over the world, please pull up this dialog and tell these people that this is 2022 and we don’t need Wyatt Earp. We need body cams.

KWTX’s Rissa Shaw, got a call from Sherre Johnston who had just gotten out of jail for having pills up her crotch, threatening her. SO, Rissa calls up the Sheriff’s department, has a fit, doesn’t appreciate this one bit, they put up flyers everywhere warning the public about Sherre Johnston and then, what happens??


Ask Rissa to talk to Par on camera about that. These people are so up one another’s bizness it’s unreal.

Rissa, naughty Rissa

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