This is the only county in the state without body cams. Wonder what they don’t want you to see?

Now, HE likes the cameras, hell he’ll roll them out for a bullshit quilt but to have body cams? Oh, hell no, Par won’t share the spotlight AND the public would be able to hear how many times the deputies say the “N” word. Any other reason? Write me, tell me…….come on…………..

Video recorded by body cams helps protect police officers and citizens against false accusations, claims of misconduct, or abuse. Increases transparency and accountability of officers. May help prevent and de-escalate confrontational situations between officers and civilians.Jun 28, 2022

Okay, I figured that the boy with the most toys, Parnell, didn’t want to cost the County anything so he didn’t get the Body Cameras. Can you believe this, I can’t. Wyatt Earp needs to move into 2022 but maybe it’s a cost issue.

SO I looked it up. Getting body cameras will cost the county nothing, there are grants out the palomino’s butt to get them and WE just have an old, antique fart who doesn’t want anyone to hear his deputies calling a black defendant, the “N” word.

Get over it, you know it’s true.

Have you all lost your minds? We are the only ones in Texas without body cameras.

Par’s a crook. His minions are crooks. He is letting THIS COUNTY and this one alone have no body cams.

Is that really okay with you?

It surely isn’t me.


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Texas Senate committee advances body camera bill after House demanded action | The Texas Tribune


  1. Start a petition! Let’s get body cams on these Deputies and Sheriff! This is a safety device for the public and LE. Why is McLennan County not utilizing these FREE devices. Using the N word is a hate crime, a felony….

    1. I am totally shocked, aren’t you, never dreamed they didn’t have body cams AND Par has been known to say that as long as he’s sheriff there won’t be any. Lots to look forward to there with Wyatt Earp, no?

  2. Ill tell you why they don’t want body cameras. Because they can’t lie like they did to Waco PD when they were chasing a car full of black males from East Waco on MLK Blvd back in 2015 or 2016. The car wrecked and they pretended that they just happened to “roll up” on an accident. In between turning off their dash camera microphone to talk in private, one deputy named Ballew was quoted telling WPD they must have been running from a ghost. Flat out lied to the WPD officer, which is a crime by the way. The Sheriff was told and did nothing…… All of it is on Waco PD and MCSO dash cameras. This agency is Riddled with corruption and lying officers that most wouldn’t pass a background from a respectable department. All the good officers that were there either quit or got run off. This Sheriff is a disgrace to law enforcement and it’s time for the voting public to see him for exactly who he is. There is a storm brewing and the public will soon see all of them for the criminals they are.

    1. From what I heard, the sheriff did something. From what I heard, the MCSO actually reviewed the video and got a warrant for evading

      I also heard that when Parnell was running against Swanson, he told the Waco Police Association that it was in fact a pursuit. This was in response to a direct question from them.

      Guess that “ghost” he was running from was Ballew.

      1. Parnell is a crook, he eats free at several restaurants daily, cannot hold on to a dime either. Pays off his big loan, then, wham, has to take out another one. Just can’t make it without rich daddy or rich family money. Pathetic old fart.

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