Note: It is now almost 11:00 and I am still mad about West saying, “You stole from God”, it makes as much sense as me saying, “God gave you the name “West” because it rhymes with “sex pest” just so you could be humiliated“, which, frankly, I’m thinking right now because HERE the men will talk the young girls out of doing a thing when another man does something just butt stupid. However, here in Waco, humiliation is probably the ONLY thing that’ll happen to this group of B Team politicians that never had their name on a letterhead. P*ss poor Commissioners, Auditor, Judge West, the DA, Sheriff, Sheriff’s Merry Men, on and on.

How would you like to be a young Baylor girl and have THIS come after you sexually? Well, that’s what happened.

Judge Thomas West the NEW GROPING DIRTY TALKING SEX PEST JUDGE at the Courthouse.

God sees you and your Little Tommy, God wishes you’d shut the hell up, go home and cleave to your Christian wife who I’ll bet is some surprised at your out of the house sex pest antics.

Take a look, what a creep.

Anyone under the age of 25 wanna say “yes” to this?

Kinda makes your flesh crawl a bit doesn’t it? Imagine this jeeezusfreak coming after you wanting to hump, pretending to be a good Christian and mentor. Hypocrite? Oh, yes.

When your daughters come home and tell you some man is trying to hump them or chat them up sexually, believe them.

THIS man thinks he’s young and handsome, ohmygawd, he’s scary, cruel, and a hypocrite that’s going to get his skinny ass sued if he doesn’t get a hand grip on his power and penis.

Poster boy for Middle Aged Crazy, Judge Thomas Pest…………er………..West……..er SEXPESTWEST.

For a good time call 254 757-5000 ask for SexPestWest

Tall, aging, married Christian Judge, looking for quickie love in Waco. Has a lot to offer and promises to be more than punitive IF you are able to refuse his boss to employee seductive advances.

Please close the door……………..uh oh…………..trapped with sexpestwest……………..how big is it????

I’ve been nice. I’ve tried to be nice but…….no more.

Judge Thomas West, if you’ve heard ANY rumors from the Courthouse this year it’s about Judge Thomas West, being nothing but the horniest, sex pest Judge under the dome in years. Seems Thomas West just won’t stop trying to touch and sexually chat up a Baylor intern to the point where she went to her Baylor Counselor and tried to sue West before being talked out of it by some godlike men folks over at Baylor who didn’t want her to have to talk about it, how it would get her nowhere to sue, and being a good looking girl was probably asking for it. OR you can ask the high up boys over at Baylor how they talked her out of it, OR if she got her education paid for OR……………because rumors are flying.

So now, case in point, JUDGE THOMAS WEST, who thinks he is god, is telling a woman from the bench that she “stole from GOD”.

Well, she didn’t. She stole from a church. She will have to pay it back, be ridiculed forever, lose her church home, and have her life ruined by a man who obviously thinks HE’s SAINTLY. OMG.

That kind of bullshit talk does not belong in the courthouse. The Courthouse is where YOU are the Judge, yes, but YOU are not GOD.

Perhaps God could have seen she needed money and given it to her. See, now that is the kind of God I’d like to think exists, but YOU, you, Thomas Pest are a punitive bag of sh#t and word has it that you just won’t stop.

If you want to talk about God and godliness why don’t you have a talk with “Little Judge Tommy” and stop touching, talking dirty and generally being a dirty old Judge Bad Bad Boy under your black dress.

The woman has been punished, I’d say enough. She’ll live with this forever.

Now, Thomas West, it’s time you live with the fact you LOST THE ENTIRE COUNTY it’s intern program for a while, they had to decide if it was safe or smart to bring back the young girls to the Courthouse. Somewhere in here the OTHER MENFOLK at Baylor and IN AUTHORITY, decided to schmooze away the problem and they let the interns come back……………oh hell why not.

We believe the man in charge of talking her out of it doesn’t have daughters. There are questions, oh, lots of them, BUT, favors will be doled out at a later date, we suspect the silent will get a good paying job at Baylor at a later date to house his incompetence too. Nice.

Wake up Saint Judge Thomas SexPestWest, look under your robes first before you sit there and Judge a woman’s soul.

By the way, fk you. EVEYONE knows, every woman in the Courthouse has NO RESPECT for you.

They’re laughing at you behind your back and no one wants to be in a room ALONE with you. Your own clerks are ashamed FOR you, you idiot.

What a creep.

Hello Mrs. West, I tried to keep it under wraps for YOU to take care of but he pissed me off with this shit. Maybe you need a Come to Jesus meeting with your husband, while you’re there, invite a few men from the Baylor Law School, they need a talking too also.

Having an ugly old man in authority want to rub his dick on you is frightening. Churches can get their money back but will your Baylor virgin daughter get over the experience? Oh, well, the bribe will help now won’t it????

Hey, Judge West, is Groping and trying to cheat on your wife Christian????



You ‘robbed it from God,’ judge says as he places woman on probation for theft of $170K from Central Texas church (kwtx.com)

Angela Rubio, 52, pleaded guilty to theft of more than $150,000 but less than $300,000 from a...

You ‘robbed it from God,’ judge says as he places woman on probation for theft of $170K from Central Texas church

Updated: Aug. 19, 2022 at 4:09 PM CDT

By Tommy Witherspoon

A former church secretary who stole more than $170,000 from the First Baptist Church of Elm Mott was placed on probation Friday by a scornful judge who said she “robbed it from God.”


  1. He scolded her because she’s old, now if it was a Baylor hottie it would be different.🤷‍♂️He’s a POS according to deputies at the courthouse, so yeah.

  2. I’ve been so wanting to use the word “sexpest” and it rhymes with WEST so now he’s going to be know for that……….forever. If they only knew how old they look to these girls they’d stop….but……he won’t be happy today THAT’s for sure.

    1. A creep and an asshole in the guise of a Christian man, father, husband. Typical. I believe God is telling women to spread his name around and tell the young girls to stay away from him. Hello Woodway Baptist?

    2. Some of the women at Woodway Baptist decided I had sold my soul to Satan, cheap. They actually came out with that, real Christians aren’t judgmental like that, they think they ARE god. Then they wonder why people get turned off religion. Who wouldn’t when you see the hypocrites and those that just let it keep on happening and are okay with it……….just like Sherre Johnston, same shit. This guy is a creep, his wife needs to whip his ass, he’s also highly creepy and UNattractive, plus he’s tall, I am tall, I can “loom” over people if I want to, and sometimes I do, but this guy can loom over a girl for another reason. Imagine seeing him naked? Imagine how OLD he looks to a young girl. Hell, he looks old to me and I’m old. He just looks like a sex pest to me, a Full Creeper. Hope the gawddamned name sticks to his monkey ass for life. Humiliating them is ALL we have..

    3. God was just talking to me the other day about outing him. Go thee and humiliate the idiot fkr, it’s all you people have since there’s no law.

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