To be hired you must swear loyalty to one man, Par, and pass a polygraph about whether or not you are familiar with a 74 year old Cat Lady Blogger who lives below the poverty line and has no car.

The words, “personal loyalty to the Sheriff”, were changed to ” loyalty”, and it seems at least TWO deputies were asked to take a polygraph recently as to whether or not they were talking to Harry Storm. Those were Donaldson and Glover. They refused and are now part of the “substandard” group of the ones that couldn’t take the bad treatment, oppression, and recent events and raises for what they are. The Captains are happy, they got a new sixty inch tv and now can watch “their shows” while the other jailers look at one another in silent fear because NO ONE has their back.

“Before, I at least knew Armstrong or Garret would be rounding the corner if I needed them, they were never far away. Sometimes the jail gets very busy and crowded all at once, it can be scary”

This quote is from a former jailer who never contacted me in their life until harassed so much about contacting me they finally did it after being pushed out or fired. Parnell is an idiot.

I don’t know Donaldson, I don’t know Glover. I feel badly they got accused for some reason of being “moles” for me.

Obviously, if I was hiding an Asian virgin female over here, they’d rescue her and move heaven and earth to bring her virginal lady parts home. That’s Parnell. No chocolate penises here, when it comes to SEX, well, Par protects your little girls and has a secret fund of over 400K from GRANTS to pay for Scaramucci, his toys, hotels, and whatever else. I’ve tried to get this via Open Records, but you know Par protects his “boys”, while the rest of them get asked to take a polygraph.

Par loves being filmed with “businessmen” giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars for his extremely COLD, COLD CASE SQUAD, that hasn’t solved one case since Beth Bramlett, over a year ago. Nope. Just collect the money, take the picture with another rich virgin worshipper like Par and go on making people think that money’s going somewhere like paying for DNA or something good. What a joke.

Par, it seems picks his women in life and death. See, ole Par finally figured out back there in 2017 that the main suspects in the murder of Lillie Hefele were Bimbo Hand, a real sweetie that one, and Johnny Ash. Ash, as you know was and is Abel’s buddy, he was also Felipe’s. When the murder was committed, guess who was the DA? Yeah, baby, FELIPE. The Reyna-Smacknamara relationship is tight and has run for years and years. Generational blackmail, perks and protection. Well, plus money and gently used shit cars and other toys from Ash Motors.


Sure as hell did.

Now he’s paranoid and getting Chris, Cody, poor old blind Kilcrease, and the other new idiots to try to polygraph Sheriff’s deputies.

Usually, they quit before being polygraphed, because it has pissed them off, not because they know or give a damn about me or being a “mole”, it’s an insult. Parnell doesn’t give a damn about insulting his employees, he has his Praetorian Guard and everyone else is just as expendable as the inmates.

Par can pretty much fire anyone for anything, the last time he was pretty safe until they deposed Char. Char, you see, was worth three mil with her mouth. Don’t think that post about people getting something off Par won’t be coming back to bite her newly returned ass and his.

After her deposition about how Par can do whatever he wants the County settled.

Ask him, better yet, ask Char, although she may be off riding her horse that just “wandered up”.

Par also forgets that it was Frances Bartlett who went to the DA about the double dipping. Now, Frances, who is also a big contributor to THE PROBLEM, totally “missed” the double dipping and bullshit. Instead of firing or getting “on” employees signing one another’s name (forgery of a governmental document), Frances admitted having told “her about that before”. Frances then waited over a month before taking her findings to the DA. She tried to cover it up for Par, trying to figure out how to make that “W” stretch into protecting them totally, BUT, she couldn’t.

Frances Bartlett, your Auditor who makes 150K and is the THIRD HIGHEST PAID in the courthouse missed that. She missed the fact that the horses are….missing….the alpacas….the donkey being transported to a deputy and costing 450 bucks to transport it there.

See, Par is not only the Prince that saves the Asian virgin Princess, he also is Santa Claus, he likes to give pets and schtuff to his buddies. Notice that NO ONE, and I mean no one is allowed “in” to the place he and Char live. Nope. People go there and honk, Par and Char come out. Ask yourself what that place is FULL of. Hmm.

Now, Par and Char are going to go nuts and accuse me, once again, of STALKING. I love this.

I have no car.

Par and his fat ass Captains are screaming that I, a 74 year old woman with NO CAR, am staking the out and stalking them. Real detectives these guys. They even printed the statute that said, “stalking is what makes a reasonable person feel they are in danger” or some such shit. Like these fatasses are “reasonable”?

Anyway, if they were any kind of law enforcement they’d figure out I don’t have a car, don’t give a damn where they chow down their over 300 pound fat asses and red faces. Hell, it’s on a main road, get the hell real here.

They even went so far as to call in a favor from CLEAT and whine their careers were suffering.

Pardon me, I’m laughing so hard I can’t see straight. Par, Eubanks, Kilcrease, Blossman, on and on, not a one of them has a waist that is 36 or less. DPS requirement. Even DPS is tired of the fat. They give their people a warning to loose it and if they don’t, it’s either bye bye or desk job.

Polygraphing people to see if they know me. What an idiot.

Your county needs an audit. If it comes out 100% fabulous, I’ll apologize to all, but, it won’t.

Commissioners need to get an audit.

County Judges truly need to look into Frances Bartlett and whether or not she had a meeting in December with S.O and Par to try to HELP them cover up the double dipping with the “W”. Frances is a CPA, 150K, and should be independent. If she had a meeting to help them she should be FIRED.

Notice no one asks anyone the hard questions here…………………….wtf?

The Sheriff’s department needs electronic badges that show where deputies are, badges that most every other police department, SO, have, but naturally, we don’t.

We don’t have electronic key cards here because if we did Parnell and the boys couldn’t cheat on their time, double dip, and whatever the hell they do.

The Commissioners have $17 million in an unsecured CD at TFNB, invest some money in some gawddamned accountability and honesty, spend money and get the electronic key cards, get real here. You’ll buy and maintain three helicopters, his thrill bomb squad parade vehicle, and other just shit things, get key cards and keep employees straight.


Come on…………..I dare you.



  1. Hate to say it, but it will never happen, this county has no “balls”, all we can do is wait for the Grim Reaper to do his job and pray the next sheriff is better

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