We trust YOU to take care of our young wild kids in your jail. WE trust YOU not to harm them. WE TRUST YOU to treat them fairly. WE TRUST YOU to follow THE LAW, not YOUR LAW, your law enforcement brotherhood law. WE trusted you and you let the EVANS family down. YOU violated your trust to keep a young man ALIVE in your BOOKING AREA. 15 FEET from the Booking DESK.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a “good kid” all the time. I know from experience.

When my boy went to jail, more than once, I was scared to death because I know what can happen in a jail.

This FAMILY deserves answers.

Where’s Par with those answers? Too bad it wasn’t a 12 year old Oriental virgin. She’dve gotten a cell phone and moved if there was a problem.

Maybe Par would drop some charges while he was at it for the 12 year old Virgin, but for your rowdy boy?

Where was he with his big, SEXY ass dark glasses? Where was he? If it doesn’t get him on National TV, well, f-k you, Par ain’t comin’ out.

THIS sad note below is from the sister. I am brokehearted. I am furious. I am helpless.

WHY don’t the TEXAS RANGERS do something? Could it be because Par has the wife of a Ranger working for him? WOULD IT TAKE THAT LITTLE to corrupt a Sheriff’s department and investigations?

Yes, hell yes. We have a corrupt Sheriff and TEXAS RANGERS who are already being investigated by the FBI, called in by a Judge who had “had it” with the lying over the abuse of kids at a kids school.

Don’t worry, nothing will happen to the TEXAS RANGERS, it never does.

Parnell? Well, Parnel and his henchmen are more apt to figure out a way to hurt me and others, mostly my friends, THAT they’ll get off their fat asses to do but to make Public what happened to this boy AND to apologize to the family?

Oh, Par’s NOT UP FOR THAT. He’d have to explain things.

I am so sorry this happened to your 25 year old brother, there are many questions, PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE GET YOUR FAMILY TO SEE AN ATTORNEY AND SUE THESE BASTARDS. IF ONLY TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.

PLEASE HIRE AN ATTORNEY. If you need a list of names, private message me. I am praying you have an attorney already.

I feel so hit in the stomach, this girl is writing Harry. Harry it seems is all she has left, that is a sad commentary. Probably the WORST commentary there is on this Sheriff’s Department and paper tiger leader.


Thank you so much for what you are doing. You have no idea how grateful I am for you and everyone exposing the lies of law. This wasn’t something innocent. They killed my best friend and brother. He was 25. He had a lot of life left to live. Now I can rest assured HE WILL BE getting JUSTICE

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