You can write all your whiney posts you want to, you’re NOT funny. My blog with 4K a day is funny, at least to some people, but you, you’re just a whiney little cop boy, people are picking on you. Go get a lawyer. You’re too stupid to read the law yourself and everyone is too afraid of your badge and cop costume so they just kiss your ass. Your blog isn’t funny. YOU have no ability to laugh at yourself. You’ll never be a success at this without a sense of humor and you……….well your ass ain’t even got grammar much less humor.

I got a CEASE AND DESIST Letter from David Littlewood a bit back asking me to cease and desist from putting up pictures of dead cats from the Gay Ranch. Big deal. Littlewood also sent the same Cease and Desist letters to a number of people, concerned with those dead little kittens in a casket picture, no one cared.

I got a CEASE AND DESIST Letter from CLEAT last week, LETTER, not a lawsuit, a LETTER. It was from a guy who is probably a buddy of Dave Kilcrease since he used to be the Vice President of CLEAT.

The LETTER was from Robert Leonard of CLEAT, he’s in their Legal Dept.

I will put the letter up here, I don’t have a scanner so I snap shot it. It’s nothing.

THEY have no standing to tell me to do anything.

THEY have no standing AND it was pretty clear that CLEAT didn’t know that the Rangers are investigating the Sheriff’s Department.

That some attorney will sue FOR a bunch of double dipping deputies is absurd. If you can find a lawyer to sue someone for some 30K bullshit, well, the lawyer can’t be much of a lawyer.

Besides, I have a lawyer.

My lawyer is better than your fucking lawyer. My lawyer has NEVER lost a case. Yours?


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  1. Good for you! To them and Littlewood: FTATHTRUO. They’re just a bit puffed up on themselves. Deflated ego and no libido, the inept duo.

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