Aaah, another day, another morning six egg with grits and bacon breakfast for our top Brass at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department and their leader, Parnell McNamara. THIS is where it all goes down, not near the Courthouse.

This is where they decide that it’s nice to shake up the sex trafficking a bit with a whopping meth bust in Bellmead, wow, meth in Bellmead, now there’s a surprise. They also filed out for the camera, even though most of them, including Major Muffintop Pam Whitlock, who’s never at the jail, wasn’t at the drug bust.

Nope, just another McNamara publicity stunt to wow our local Badge Bunnies who love to see what’s under that uniform and procreate with them on ATV’s.

They’re trying to get you to forget they’re under investigation by the Rangers and a few others.

Getting a nice fat chunk of money from the meth raid doesn’t hurt either, they’ll put it in the Evidence Locker and hope everyone forgets they have it so it can disappear like some other monies……….left by Larry Lynch, reported given to the auditor by your Sheriff’s Department, but Auditor has no idea where it is, neither does the DA. Hmmm.

Of course, if we had a County Auditor who played by the rules she’d realize within the first twenty pages of the Evidence Locker file on MUCKROCK, that so far, $91,000 is MISSING.

There’s more, but since there’s a felony on every page, we’re only up to about page 30.

Monies seized from drug busts etc. is NOT supposed to SIT in the Sheriff’s Evidence Locker, seems it causes theft and wayyy too much temptation, however, it also seems that there has been NO accounting since about 2012, just about the time our Sheriff for Life walked in.

Wake the FK UP, Commissioners, Frances?

We need an outside audit, we need the Rangers to hurry up.

It’s not like law enforcement is looking just reallll good these days, is it?


Group hug and solidarity, THIS is a message, THESE people weren’t all at the drug bust, Par just brings them in to show the others that THESE PEOPLE have to be respected, even though they are under investigation and Parnell’s Posse in Crime.

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