Fix your problems, you brag about how much money you have, find some way to fix THIS without killing or inconveniencing helpless animals. NOW you’ve turned off the water at the Ranch. You’re hurting animals by doing this. You’ve got a couple of renters left, FIX THIS.

The Heritage Ranch problem, for you, is about over. You won. You get the land. You loaned two guys about four million dollars that you pretty much knew was NOT going to get paid back, the land is wonderful and near George Bush Jr.’s land so you know you can subdivide and make a killing.

Great. The Courts have been exhausted, me too.

That said, you’ve spent a fortune, you won, can’t you find someone REASONABLE that isn’t a goon from the Sheriff’s department forced to throw hay over the fence or some crap, trap animals, or whomever you’ve got doing that, plus turning off the water.

You have a few people arguing with you about rent so you don’t send a person that’s REASONABLE over there or offer to solve the problem, BUT you take out a full page ad talking about your Big Guys at the Top shit no one cares about.

You have so much money, solve the problem without having animals involved.

Cutting off water and little fourteen year old boy narcissistic bullshit doesn’t cut it. Buy these renters out get the animals everything they need and be the altruistic bank you think you are.

You’ll hire lawyers, hire a mediator to fix the problem…………..

Preferably a woman, not more from the boys club.

Buy out the renters, restore the WATER for the animals, and fix this.

Does just everyone have to be an asshole already?

You’ll throw money at the Waco Trib how many thousands?

Find someone with a brain and fix it already.

Come on.


9 thoughts on “A MESSAGE TO TFNB

  1. Well, they did lend us money on the farm but only about 840 grand specific to the farm. It appraised for 2.3 million on completion in 2016, so they said, but our independent and thorough cost approach appraisal come to 3.2 million. Other market analysts put it closer to 4 million today. As far as loan to value, we had more than adequate LTV to support what was loaned with a cushion. TFNB decided to encumber other real estate we owned with the last 40 grand it loaned. Those properties had a positive cash flow that was diminished by that loan. They set us up to fail, didn’t hold up to the promise to see the project completed on its most money generating part; the RV park at 5 grand a month income and the tavern (food and alcohol) at 8-12 grand per month. More than enough to make a mortgage payment at 6,500 per month. 32,000 would have opened the doors to the tavern. That amount was to complete the septic system for the tavern and RV park. Without those completed an estimated loss of gross income at approximately 14,000 per month and more. Littlewood knew it would be a struggle to stay current without income from the tavern and RV park. All intentional with malice. We would be thriving had TFNB not breached the agreement.

    1. Real question. Once you saw you were not going to be able to pay the bank back, why didn’t you sell the land, pay the bank off, and at least get to be the one that profited from the equity?

  2. We hate it also. I had 400 grand of my inheritance tied up in the properties TFNB loaned us money on. It sneakily crossed collateralized investment property in McGregor with the farm loan after promising us they would not. Those properties were in good standing with First National Bank of Central Texas. In hindsite we should have left those houses, one was my mother’s home, with FNBCT. David Littlewood is a cunning, evil man, a hypocrite who hides behind the Christian flag. He is pure evil.

  3. at the end of the day, the bank should have never made the loans, the borrowers should have never requested the loans, and none of this would have ever happened. You hate me, because I told you several years ago when asked my opinion it would never work…..and guess what, it didn’t work. BATH HOUSES are OBSOLETE! Your whole business plan was going to fail from the beginning! I DO NOT like TFNB or anything they stand for, I will NEVER do business with TFNB, however, I support them on this matter and their decision to Foreclose, they should have done it a lot sooner than they did! I also remember that you both told me you were big real estate investors from Florida, and that was not true either, Snowden was a the property manager from The Prime Outlets in Hillsboro, a PROPERTY MANAGER, far from an actual OWNER…Get Real! – Yours Truly……LINDA TRIPP

    1. I know no one by the name of Linda Tripp nor do I discuss personal business with anyone not closely associated with me. Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m not a braggard as you imply. You know not of what you speak at any level of what you’ve written here.

  4. At the end of the day, I don’t know any Linda Tripp and no one by that name knows me. It’s chickenshit that you’re using a pseudonym to hide behind because my husband & I are pretty sure we know who you really are. Why you’re working with Bernadette on her blog & FB page and writing negative posts about us like this one is a real mystery. Furthermore, you don’t know a damn correct thing about our situation. Your posted comments are wrong, incorrect, idiotic & stupid. In other words, you don’t know WTF you’re talking about. You’re certainly free to express your opinion about what’s happened to us vis-a-vis that crooked financial institution TFNB. However, you’re not entitled to make up facts & lie about them. So why don’t you just STFU and sit quietly in the back of the room. Oh, and next time, man up & post your comments under your real name! Huh…Linda Tripp my ass!!

    1. You get that little piss squirt! David doesn’t like him very much because he talked out of school about TFNB’s business with us. Disappointed we didn’t come to work for his family business. “Bath house”…what a laugh! Btw, Monica didn’t like the real Linda Tripp flapping her trap so better find a better handle than Linda f***ing frumpy f**k Tripp. What a sow. At least she wasn’t a meth freak…just a freak. Crawl back in your cage, squirrel.

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