You’ll take out a full page bullshit ad while you let your people neglect and kill animals?

David Littlewood, make this shit stop now!!!!!

Get your buddy, the Sheriff for Life to pull his deputies off his ranch and go to help these animals.

Do you just want expensive Arabians? Is your mission to stop human trafficking in Ukraine while people kill animals here? What bullshit.

Cat Killer Llittlewood?????

These guys lost their property to TFNB, they had many cats that people dumped at the property, they would have them spayed and neutered, the cats and other animals were loved, now they’re just pawns in a greedy game the bank is playing. THIS IS DAVID LITTLEWOOD’S doing, he couldn’t wait to get this property, well, now he has it and they are capturing cats but not picking them up for days………..the cats die from dehydration and starvation.


These guys lost their property, fine, but do you have to kill pets too???????

These are not easy to see photos, yes, the Sheriff’s department was called but do you think they’re going to go after the man who pays for the Sheriff’s HOT CHECKS??? NO.

Located in: Humane Society of Central Texas

Address: 2032 Circle Rd, Waco, TX 76706


Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Phone(254) 750-1765

The cats are at 3218 Canaan Church Road, Crawford. One mile and a half down the road from Dubya’s ranch.


  1. What Narcissism what a bunch of phony Christians, total greed, takes out a full page bullshit ad but sends his henchmen to trap helpless animals because he can’t wait to subdivide and finally stop the bleeding from the BAD LOANS he’s done. The first thing he does is kill the cats, THIS is David Littlewood and TFNB bullshit propped up by the worst loans on his “boy” our Sheriff for life.

  2. Ancestral property, same (Mattlage) family since 1884. Prime land with natural flowing creek. Worth 3M+. Owned by Mark Mattlage and Robert Snowden. Taken away by predatory-style lending practices. The bank changed loan terms at its whim after the Deeds of Trust were executed making payments rough on the owners.

    1. Why don’t you bring us that truth, Sue? TFNB cut the water off there yesterday, do you think that donkeys don’t drink water and other large livestock? I ‘get’ that they defaulted and need to go, but do the animals have to suffer? If your question is all you’ve got………….then you are just part of the problem also. Go whine somewhere else until you become part of the solution. We’ll print your truth, bring it.

    2. “Big statements”???? I am on the side of the helpless animals first. Whatever money b.s. that has led to this means nothing to me. My statements are not as “Big” as the photo of the dead kittens. You got something to say…..welll bring it. Tired of you whiney people. It’s the animals, I’m not some entitled rich person, obviously, you are, I am an animal lover. You turn off the water, you hurt the pets, you send the big dick sheriff’s people to trap cats, then pick them up and take them to the fkng shelter. Pictures don’t lie. People do.

  3. And “Sue” who can’t/won’t reveal a true identity: That’s how squirrely the TFNB hired help is, if indeed TFNB employees you. More likely they own you. So, Kim or whatever your name is, grow some or lift up those scrambled eggs, and put your facts where you ass is…in your perch-mouth.

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