There are many different versions of the Sherre DEAL today, I don’t know what they are yet for sure and am highly disinterested because it sounds like what people get when they get TWO DWI’s NOT SIX. The Judge was “Fuentes” whoever that is, and I hear she’s under House Arrest, ankle monitor, SCRAM devices on her cars. Who knows. What about carrying a gawddamn gun all the time? IN EVERY DWI FILM she always has a gawddamned gun, this bitch needs a gun? HELL NO.

What happened to this nut today WILL HAPPEN TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY when you get DWI NUMBER 2 not SIX. THIS bitch gets off no matter what, has an occupational license with no job, goes drunk wherever she goes, especially with CHAR AND PAR.

Totally fkn nuts and her family and church family just let it go on and on and on……….

Sherre Johnston nothing will ever happen to her…………………

Don’t worry folks, little Sherre surely didn’t this weekend. The BOND HEARING was set for LAST FRIDAY, but, they postponed it giving Sherre time to be seen all over town and at the FREEDOM BALL having a good time just like nuthin’.

Surprise, Monday morning comes and you see that she has a HEARING at 10 to revoke her bond. First of all, 54th. won’t tell you whether it’s going to be on ZOOM or in person, 757-5051 gives you some clerk who can’t or WON’T tell you shit. WHY? Because it’s Miss Prescious the Sheriff’s girlfriend.

SO you can’t go and you can’t watch what’s going to happen. WHY? Because nothing is.

SO, they work out an agreement before 10 to give little poor Sherre, a “walk through”, so she doesn’t have to go to jail with Mexicans, Blacks, and white trash bitches. She’s too good and good looking for that. Besides, she and the Sheriff are lovers, and now Char is onboard so let’s just let her go.

They upped her BOND AMOUNT and she’ll have to come up with $5 but John’ll do that for her, he always does because he’s just like Joseph protecting and standing by Mary in Bethlehem, well, that’s what the Church folks say about John and he likes that better than, “John has no balls”, which is what the rest of us think.

She’ll have an ankle monitor and she’ll also have a blow device on all her cars.

Just like everyone else with TWO DWI’s.

She has six.

Don’t worry, she’ll be able to drive and do whatever mayhem she feels like WITH PAR AND CHAR at Tetens party Tuesday night.

THIS is fkn stupid.


This is not a threat. If you get one of these from a nut, it’s not a threat……………..this according to the Sheriff’s department back in 2017. Party on Sheriff and True Love Sherre, he does protect her, wonder how Charlotte puts up with it. She won’t let any women sit by the Sheriff, guess she’s given in to the fact that Sheriff loves Sherre. Awwww……not a threat. Nope.

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    1. She is the Sheriff’s shack job and proud of it. Wonder if her husband misses ole Truman? She’ll con another ole fart soon enough. The Sheriff is also scared of her. Poor ole man.

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