Driving and Campaigning Drunk, Sherre Johnston had the cops called on her last week, oh, don’t worry, she got away with it again. No, there’s no BLOW device, on the car, so she can drive around drunk all she wants to with no problem. Thank you.

Hey, is that Paw Paw Fatty’s horse, heard the auction at the Simons’ place is missing a horse and some other stuff, just like at the Estate Sale of Mike Mc where our girl decided to grab a few memories there too, and no one stopped her. Seems the kids would rather just let her have a few things and be done with it than suffer anymore total embarrassment at the entire situation “daddy” left behind with his runaway girlfriend.

If the problem was getting better instead of worse one would not bother to write about her anymore, unfortunately, Waco’s own “Anna Nicole” has set her sights on yet another elderly man (or 2) and at least one man’s family has filed a complaint with Adult Protective Services.

Par and Char didn’t mind hooking up with Miss Thang over at the Church on Bosque last week, nothing like backing a political candidate to bring two girls together. Sources say that Char and Sherre had a few words back and forth but ended kissy kissy while Parnell watched and, some say, egged little Sherre “on” to go stand by Barry Johnson with her Tetens sign just for fun.

We admire Char for putting the past affair(s) behind her to elect her candidate and can’t wait to see the make up photos on Instagram.

Charlotte McNamara, Parnell, and Sherre Johnston a political threesome for the season.

As things heated up this morning, a reminder of Sherre’s criminal past came creeping up in rebuttal for electing Josh Tetens, who Sherre thinks is going to continue to let her walk free even AFTER SIX DWI’s and the rest of us. Sherre says her life is in God’s hands and we wish her driver’s license was there also but it isn’t.

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