The Strange Case of Dale Edwards & Drones!!!

Suddenly, and for no good reason whatsoever, a 56 year old, normal, hard working citizen just decides that drones are following him around so he goes to 608 and 620 Bosque Lane and shoots up the houses belonging to JAMES MICHAEL BEARD because he thinks the drones are being launched from these houses. After a disappointing experience with the FBI, FFA (per Michael Miller – maybe he meant the FAA, don’t think Future Farmers have jurisdiction over Federal Aviation), YOUR SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT FOR LIFE, and the WACO POLICE DEPARTMENT, Edwards just went over and shot up two houses.

WACO POLICE DEPARTMENT reported to Harry they never heard of such a thing, THEN, the non-existent report appears from the District Attorney’s Office. YOUR SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT FOR LIFE has to get an Attorney General’s decision and it’s heavily redacted.

Did we mention that Edwards was driving around with $8k grand in his glove compartment? Cash.

Doesn’t everyone?

YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE, ole’ PARNELL begins calling the person who did this a DANGEROUS CRIMINAL, when he was trying to pin it on ex-deputy Sherry Beard, then, after a suspicious trip to Temple, CHIEF DEPUTY DAVID KILCREASE, by sheer chance winds up behind Mr. Edwards’ truck at the BUC-EES on IH-35 and calls it in. They then ASK Edwards to turn himself in, obviously, Parnell has changed his mind, over the DANGEROUS CRIMINAL remark.

The WACO POLICE DEPARTMENT, as per usual doesn’t know whether to SHIT or fall in it waiting for YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE, ole’ PAR to come up with a scenario that makes sense.

A trip over to the TFNB – YOUR BANK FOR LIFE A/K/A FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MCGREGOR, YOUR TETEN CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS FOR LIFE is littered with yard signs for Parnell’s slate of candidates, against violations of banking laws as per the OCC – OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER OF CURRENCY rules!

Doesn’t matter really, does it? Kilcrease’s word won’t be worth anything very soon and Mr. Edwards’ case will have to be thrown out, or will it, being that he gave a written confession?!?, BUT, they knew that the whole time….that’s why it’s so incredibly sloppy….all one big game played by YOUR SHERIFF FOR LIFE, YOUR BANKER FOR LIFE, AND YOUR CANDIDATE FOR LIFE!

PARTY ON FOLKS….the FUN has just begun, sit back, relax and enjoy the show! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


One thought on “The Strange Case of Dale Edwards & Drones!!!

  1. You may not know as much as you think you know about this whole situation, but I am thankful for your distrust of law enforcement in our county. Your investigation of the documents, although done to attempt to prove something that is non existent, did identify inaccurate information to shed light on the fact that it’s hard to keep things straight when no one knows what straight actually is. Please feel free to contact me.

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