CAT / Sherre Johnston / Sherre Whitney / WOODWAY PD


Whiny little devils aren’t they? Not fun when people hear and see you on tape, ask Sherre Johnston. Tape talks, and YOU Chief Crook got taped. I heard it. Next the diaper wearing cat trapper is videotaped CARRYING a trap. Come on here. Whine.

Ask yourself, “What would Yost do.” EVEN Yost Zachary who now is the King of Bellmead, which doesn’t SUCK as much as Woodway, would have judiciously defused the current neighbor poisoning filmed with cage for crying out loud event that is going on at 1108 Redondo, with these two old cat murderers John and Gloria Hill.

NOW, the Chief, who was taped and I heard it, is strangely interested and, of course, DEFENDING HIMSELF, now that he’s figured out he has pissed off the womenfolk of the entire world, including yesterday’s cat lovers in Indonesia, China, Japan, New Zeland, Russia and other countries who love cats and find poisoning them repulsive.

Of course, it’s Waco, better yet, WOODWAY where the cops want to give you a ticket are are assholes. ASSHOLES.

Chiefy Wiefy is now taking up for himself, and must have gone to the Parnell McNamara School of fking with a woman via FACEBOOK Community Standards complaints using their badges and small penises to BLOCK animal lovers from talking.

Hey, Chief….the ship sailed.

Next. Chief Crook and Woodway PD have a FACEBOOK PAGE, yep, guess what, you can’t post on it. Sure can’t, I tried yesterday.

Chief Crook caused this and now he’s defending himself instead of the animals. He, can’t defuse a situation with two elderly murdering farts and got himself on the Internet.

Well, we have a show for you, Chief. On Netflix,

Better yet, remember the Baylor idiots that killed “Queso” the cat? Hello.

If you can’t go pretend to be a whore and catch some idiot man at a motel there just isn’t any fun policing I guess.

Chasing MANufactured crimes where Scaramucci gets to step in for the 14 year old girl in the last act is just boring.

Do some gawddamned every day policing. Talk to people about killing cats with rat poison instead of being another whiny ass cop CAUGHT ON TAPE.

What the hell does it take here? Come on.

Find the testicles to have a REAL FACEBOOK PAGE where people can write what they think, this secrecy stuff is bulls## and you know it. Grow a pair, and a heart.

UNTIL she moved to Woodway where two diapered up Seniors poisoned her best friends, trapped the Tuxedo cat, and stuffed others in the trash while the police chief ate more greasy food in Woodway. She died of a broken heart shortly thereafter, OR, got pissed off and raised some hell because it really happened and the Chief of Police is butt hurt.



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