Hello, I am Bernadette Feazell, I’m a cat lady and Frank’s mom. He wasn’t “right” for a few days and Sunday my friend and I took him to the Emergency Vet’s Office here in Waco. I never dreamed his condition was serious and feel so guilty I didn’t know. He is now at Dr. Barclay’s animal clinic in Waco, he was transferred and they don’t yet know what’s wrong with him. I want him to have the best care possible, he’s only five, a Main Coon, and gets more internet hits on Cat A Holic Facebook sites than you can imagine. Frank has the personality of ten and I love him to the moon and back. I have a friend who “has my back” on the vet bills, but it will be a strain on him too and I hope that Frank’s picture will touch you as he is so photogenic and loved. Waco Animal Emergency Clinic was $1086.40 and I don’t know the bill yet for Frank at Dr. Barclay’s where Dr. Pippin and his wonderful staff are taking care of him. Please send what you can and know how much I appreciate it.

Update, Frank’s vet says his blood test shows he has hemo partonella and his blood count is up a bit, he is on a doxycycline IV and will stay at the vet’s at least one more night as Frank won’t eat yet.

I feel better.

This is Frank, he’s every bit as wonderful and loved as he looks.


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