If it was me or you, Lorena PD and all the others that have fought me getting Public Information Requests, they’dve handed them over in a heartbeat. For the Johnstons, however, the Lorena folks will take the time, six times actually, to read the law, figure out what law to try to use and to write to the Attorney General’s office, time after time to protect the public from finding out what the hell the Johnstons are up to in Lorena that got covered up too. As per usual, something did. Not the crime of the century, hardly worth the time to fight, but, they did. Notice the case was “sent to another agency” and that it appears nowhere on Sherre’s DPS Official Record. That means, as per usual, it disappeared.

How many of your cases disappeared recently?

Is the Lorena Police Department your buddy and trying to help you hide an evening out that ended in a pot arrest? No. Same here.

Is your bank buddy extending your 2% loan on your $815K? They are Parnell’s.

Lorena Police Department is another example of what’s wrong here.

Shame on you people.

Legalize pot while we’re at it, I’m not enraged over the incident, I am enraged that Sherre pretends to be a Saint and isn’t and is just too damned stupid and arrogant, plus being the sheriff’s girlfriend helps, and WE ALL KNOW IT.

Also, driving drunk isn’t done. No. Sherre drives drunk time after time and nothing happens, no ankle monitors, no suspension of the license, nothing.

Plus, our Sheriff just doubles down. Nice new truck Par, btw, stil got the paper license plate.



No description available.

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