Call me sentimental. When the FBI hit town investigating Vic and a half dozen attorneys, EVERYONE knew it. People on life support in Marlin knew it. They came in and talked to everyone. Set up camp over at the Hilton and if you wanted to turn someone in, you knew where to go, and they did. NOW it seems, they are playing Secret Agent in Waco and praying no one wants to talk to them. Go figure.

Holly Easterwood Kelley is an FBI agent, the real kind, one that is also a CPA. A woman who likes white collar crime and knows her way around a Forensics Audit.

Holly Easterwood Kelley is well known to the TFNB Bank, David Littlewood, and others.

David Littlewood and TFNB do not want  you to know this, neither does the FBI, I was hoping Holly would introduce herself, after all, it’s been a year and a half now, but this hasn’t happened. Instead, the Forensic Audit now includes FACEBOOK pictures of Littlewood and Bank Buds living it up in Hawaii.

Calf Implants boy is under investigation by the FBI and so are his friends, all the up in the air fist denial and scripture coating bullshit in the world isn’t going to stop the word now that it’s out.

Holly Kelly specializes in naughty little Corruption cases too, perhaps even a few owner finance misadventures and strange large loans for elderly people at low percentage rates too.

Having the FBI play this little secret game is bullshit, it does nothing for the situation. Littlewood et al just goes on playing their game because no one knows. Sheriff with 2% loan for NOTHING signed by David Lacy for 815K no problem.

My son and I were taken out of a restaurant by the FBI, Vic Feazell was handcuffed and put on tv every 18 minutes. Vic was indicted for $13K in bribes by the way. $13K.

$13K is what Vic Feazell was indicted for taking. Parnell has a loan from David Lacy for 815K, at 2%. The Rub and Tug Cases never made it to Barry Johnson either. Parnell started with a 7% loan in 2006 and then in 2013, after he became Sheriff, that was changed to 2% where it has stayed.

Sheriff also has dodged a subpoena in a Case with TFNB and so has his wife, Charlotte. Several deputies have loans there, and if I were Chris Eubanks, well, ask him about his Charlotte property.

Tick Tock, FBI needs to get real, Forensic Audits don’t take this long.

Come on.





Austin MBA Luncheon


Supervisory Special Agent

Holly Kelley

Supervisory Special Agent Holly Easter Kelley entered on duty with the FBI in 2004.  Following the FBI Academy, SSA Kelley reported to the FBI’s San Antonio Field Office, Austin Resident Agency where she investigated criminal matters dealing with mortgage fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud and public corruption.  

As an Agent, SSA Kelley was a member of the Corporate Fraud Response Team which assisted other offices on large complex financial investigations.  She was also an active member of the Evidence Response Team, in which she processed crime scenes, including the second shooting on the Fort Hood Army Facility.  In 2014, SSA Kelley was promoted to the Financial Institution Fraud Unit at FBIHQ in Washington D.C. where she managed the FBI’s Identity Theft program and the South Central Region for financial institution related matters, including mortgage fraud.  Since 2016, SSA Kelley has been the Supervisor for the White Collar Squad in Austin and the San Antonio Program Coordinator for all financial crimes.  

Prior to the FBI, SSA Kelley worked as a Certified Public Accountant for a regional CPA firm as a Tax Supervisor.  SSA Kelley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting Control Systems from the University of North Texas.

4 thoughts on “WAITING FOR HOLLY?

  1. The FBI is worthless but If something illegal truly is happening, I hope the people/entities involved are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  2. Bernie you need to take this crap to someone else other than locals ! Omg it keeps getting crazier! Seems like the sheriff should have a little more control over his mistress if the year!

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