He’sssss BAAAaaaack ….. MATT CAWTHON

No one could be laughing themselves sick this morning ore than ole Harry Storm. Seems ole Par has been the numero uno rooster with all the womenfolk just fawning over him for a long time now, clear field. Well, the real thing is coming back, Matt Cawthon, a real EX RANGER who doesn’t have a history of letting his girlfriend off DWI’s, probably didn’t move his dead or dying family member, and, best of all, already locked it up with Parnell McNamara a good while back. Wayy before we knew Par was getting that sweet two per cent loan from the questionable David Lacy, we’ll have to ask Nikki Pittman about that one some day.

Well, Par service above self and integrity above all else doesn’t sound like anything you and Charlotte are saying.

Precinct 4 today, we pray Sheriff tomorrow.


What are the duties of a Texas Constable?

In Texas, constables and their deputies are fully empowered peace officers with county-wide jurisdiction and thus, may legally exercise their authority in any precinct within their county. Constables and their deputies may serve civil process in any precinct in their county and any contiguous county and can serve arrest warrants anywhere in the state. The duties of a Texas constable generally include providing bailiffs for the justice of the peace court(s) within their precinct, conducting investigations, issuing traffic citations and serving process issued there and from any other court. Constables may make a warrantless arrest for any offense committed in their presence or view anywhere in Texas. 

The Constable’s authority considerably overlaps with that of the County Sheriff, especially with respect to serving civil documents as well as criminal warrants.

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