Barry Johnson’s “Open Door Policy” is working, a member of the Morales family reports telephoning the DA’s office in an attempt to talk with him personally, and being put through to Johnson who answered and agreed to a meeting and is, himself, very interested in the Cold Case.

Johnson sworn in as new McLennan County DA | Crime | wacotrib.com

The family of Lillie Hefele have had enough waiting for the Sheriff’s department to do something. With ole Par saying she wasn’t killed here, despite evidence that she was (no blood in the car where she was found in Ft. Worth). Parnell obviously is covering for his friend. In yet another power play to protect a wealthy and generous contributor.

Enough! A member of the Morales family has contacted DA Barry Johnson in the hope that Johnson can get to the bottom of what seems to be a log jam of b.s. even though there is a cigar with DNA on it waiting in Ft. Worth somewhere. Morales, spoke to me about his concerns that the case has been ignored or sabotaged since the beginning.

Hefele was found dead in her car in Ft. Worth however, there was NO BLOOD IN THE CAR. Captain Steve January as said that Hefele was killed here, he believes, while Par says it happened in Ft. Worth. Hmm. Morales will be meeting with Johnson and Chief Victoria soon in an attempt to get this easily solved case by DNA done!!

No blood in the car indicates she was killed elsewhere for crying out loud but the Sheriff doesn’t want it to be so. WHY? Because his main contributor might just be the killer.

Morales and the family hope that Police Chief Victoria will take the case back and away from the Sheriff’s department totally.

How can anyone trust the Sheriff’s department when it gets paid by restaurant owners contributions to their Cold Case Squad. When did we start paying bonuses or prizes to the Police or Sheriff’s??? Totally illegal except here.

There are witnesses waiting to tell everything they know but no one trusts Parnell McNamara anymore. Why should they?

KWTX and Paul Gately ran three or four stories about the murder and even THAT didn’t get ole Par off dead center, he’s protecting his friend, it’s so obvious.

Below are some quotes from the KWTX STORY

He went on to say his office has somewhat of a jurisdictional problem with the case because “there so far is no proof she was killed in McLennan County.” said Johnson.

January, however, said he believes the series of incidents that led to Hefele’s murder “probably started in McLennan County” and that he and his deputies believe she was killed here, and her body later was driven to Fort Worth.

Former McLennan County District Attorney Vic Feazell, now a private practice attorney in Waco, said “Lillie Hefele was murdered in McLennan County, I’m sure, but even that doesn’t matter because there is intersectional jurisdiction in Texas.

“A trial might not happen in McLennan County but there certainly is basis for an investigation here,” he said.

A short story appeared the next day in the Waco Tribune that detailed Hefele’s death and it said both Fort Worth and Waco police were investigating.

At least one report indicated the car had been set on fire, but the Cadillac was closed up so tightly the flames were suffocated.

There was, however, no mention of a fire in the police report.

She died as a result of two gunshot wounds, but she evidently wasn’t shot in the car or where the car was found because there was no mention of blood or blood spatter in the report and no mention of recovered shell casings or evidence of gunfire.

Cold Cases


Fort Worth police responded Feb. 27, 1980 to a request to meet Fort Worth park officers regarding a Signal 12, a deceased person, on Sansom Park Drive and when Officers C.L. Forntenberry and J.H. Payne arrived, they found Hefele’s body inside her car.

“Upon arriving at 2007 hours (8:07 p.m.), officer was met by (a park police officer) who stated he observed the complainant vehicle in the southwest corner of Buck-Sansom Park, approximately 200 yards from 3900 Sansom Park Drive,” Forntenberry’s report reads.

The incident report shows Forntenberry opened the passenger side door of the Cadillac and immediately noticed the woman inside had “suffered a large gunshot wound in the right shoulder and one in the center of her chest.”

The report identified the victim as Lillian Morales Hefele, born April 1, 1939, who lived at 2601 Robinson Dr., in Waco.

At least one piece of forensic evidence, a cigar butt of a particular type and brand that had been snuffed out on Hefele’s body, was said to have been recovered at the scene, but when asked about it, police refused to confirm the existence of any forensic evidence still in custody.

An open records request also submitted to Fort Worth police was forwarded to the Texas Attorney General’s Office for an opinion, but none has yet been published.

“This case is unique because we can do all this, the testing and forensics and stuff, right here in Waco if outside agencies will work with us,” Capt. Steve January, chief of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit, said.


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