Yep, it’s the same guy who wanted a dunking booth at a Suicide Prevention Rally in McGregor, was DA back then, Johnny Ash was well known and Lillie Hefele was murdered in 1980 when “Phil” was DA.

Masonic Lodge honors retired Judge Reyna | Local News | wacotrib.com

Who was the powerful District Attorney in 1980 when Lillie Hefele died? Well, there’s a story there, see Martin Eiclhelberger was the DA but he died in office at the age of 61 and a young Assistant was made DA, that was none other than FELIPE REYNA.

Felipe Reyna was the DA when Hefele was murdered, the entire thing was a monumental clusterfk and no one cared enough to establish jurisdiction just like Parnell vs. Captain January. Par says she was killed there, January says here.

Par’s an idiot. No blood in the car. Get real. Par’s a crook.

SO, you have Felipe Reyna DA when Hefele died, and now DA son, Abelino is “rentingi” from Johnny Ash. When Hefele was murdered, the police told us, the witnesses, not to talk to one another and we obeyed them.

Lillie Hefele was murdered for 350K in insurance money.

Parnell won’t solve the case and the DNA is just sitting there with saliva on a cigar that was put out on Lillie to give the good ole boys a hefty monetary start.

I am so mad.


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