Apologies to Sherry Beard whose name I’ve perverted and misspelled constantly for at least a week.

I thought they were only mean to me. I am like the old blow up punching clown they used to sell, it had weights at the bottom and whenever you hit it and knocked it down, it just came back up. I have nothing to lose and I’m mad. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take anymore.

Last week I found out I wasn’t alone. That what Parnell and his power had done to me was nothing compared to the big stick and big buddies he had and carried their water. I am overwhelmed. I have never seen such files. I can’t open them, I can’t download them, I have some pages missing here I will have to screen shoot and figure out how to get them up here.

I have been “reported” to WORDPRESS numerous times, and yes, WORDPRESS had to cough up everything I ever wrote thanks to Parnell and a nice subpoena for the file.

At every turn this city and county HIDE or try to hide everything.

There are missing pages, they are pretty wild and I will get them up here in a separate post, I’m sorry but it’s the only way.

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