Since this happy commercial with David “MIB” Littlewood, Chip and Joanna left this bank. Seems there was a fus, and things did not end well. It is quite a coincidence that Chip and Joanna’s goats at the Magnolia that everyone loved and petted were SHOT by some assh# we, animal lovers would just love to get hold of. Sherre Beard offered a $50K REWARD for the Goat Killer ASSHO#E, but was shortly thereafter fired. SHERIFF FIRED THE ANIMAL LOVER.

Friends of Chip and Joanna Gaines say have some idea of who did this unbelievable, cruel deed.

We all laugh about Chip and Joanna, bitch about the property values going up but they are what we all call “Good People”, to have your pets killed is horrible and I feel badly for them. I know everyone else does too. They deserve better than THIS, we all do.

$50K couldn’t get someone to rat on somewhere here for killing two goats? Hmmm.

Sheriff’s department can’t or won’t solve the murder of animals or of a Mexican Woman whose death might just have given that money start to ole Parnell’s favorite, second best contributor.

Bad things happen here and there is no law enforcement person, no Ranger, nobody who will cross Parnell McNamara.

If you are a child molester, you have good government, however, murder or animal cruelty, you can get away with IF you know the right folks it would seem.


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