The entire copy is long, many signed pages etc. Don’t think I don’t have the Public Record I do. THIS is the heart and meat of it, well, not really. The heart and meat of this is that your Sheriff doesn’t want to answer to anyone. He has RICH powerful little friends and his ex employees and those he doesn’t “like”, just like me, have “Complaints” against them that our Fool Sheriff tries to make walk and talk with poor Barry Johnson who has gained the Sheriff’s ire because he won’t prosecute old cat ladies and other people.

Where are the gawddamned Feds? I remember when Vic Feazell was indicted for a whole damned lot Less than this shit.

Is our entire government brain dead? WHY are we letting public officials get away with this? Is everyone so scared of banks, moneylenders, and an unbridled Sheriff that needs to go home?

Come on here, where the hell are the FEDS???????

Hey, Parnell, answer the questions. What is wrong here?

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