INEQUITY is what this blog is all about, it’s about Sherre Johston’s special treatment, dead girl in a hot tub guy sent to rehab, big success story, people at the rub and tug getting dismissed, AFTER others got put on the front page, uh oh, Baylor Rapists, who wears an ankle monitor and who doesn’t, and how many DWI’s does it take here to stick??????

George McClain is just the face of how the ‘DISPOSABLES” in this county feel, I am one, hell, Sheriff runs like a little girl over to the DA’s office when i write he has a girlfriend, like we all don’t know, he’s also still upset that he moved his brother and we all know it. Politicians and fat boy Witherspoon over at the extremely pop up crazy paper bullsh*t us, talk down to us, and forget we vote.

Waco and the war against the poor, or who your daddy was, enough of the b.s. enough of the Waco Trib kissing up to old men who need to go home.

George McClain is all of us, he’s not stupid, neither is anyone else, he got the shaft no way around it while other people are special. Puke.

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