Well, I heard about it, then everybody denied it, I got a photo about it, everyone said I made it up BUT, thanks to Public Information, here’s another person who just misjudges poor Sherre Johnston. Rissa Shaw files on Sherre and, that too, just disappears. Wow. Remember this? It was TRUE not made up.

Make up your own minds what’s going on, let me provide a few new facts.

This flyer below is from the parking lot of KWTX flyers went up, then DOWN.

It was said that Rissa Shaw got threatening calls from Sherre Johnston AFTER Rissa had guts enough to finally do a story on how on earth Sherre has gotten off charges, AND put all of Sherre’s mugshots up on KWTX. That pissed Sherre off so bad, she made a few calls from the car when she got out of jail. Keep going we’re just getting started, Public Info follows.

Page 88 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2
Page 83 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2
Page 84 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2
Page 85 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2
Page 86 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2
Page 89 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2
Page 90 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2
Page 93 of 5-17-2120MR11198420P2

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