This is from a meeting on the 27th. where Sutton is the lawyer on the case and appearing by zoom , anyone wanting to watch McLennan County justice just tune in. Seth Sutton is the attorney for a Mr. Simmons, the Prosecutor, Judge, and Sutton have a little talk back and forth at 65 minutes that’s interesting,

In this Zoom Hearing, Sutton, tells The Court that he is in Houston, and is going by car to Austin. Interestingly enough this is the 27th. so he is headed to Austin the same day that Chelsey Tijerina died late afternoon in Hays County.

54th District Court’s Personal Meeting Room

Here a bit later the same day Sutton is driving in his car to Austin, the Zoom is from that trip.

4 thoughts on “YOUTUBE 54th. COURT MEETING ROOM

  1. I never heard in either of these videos, Seth saying he was on his way to Austin. Did I miss something?

    1. In the first one, he’s in a motel in Houston. They talk about putting the Zoom meeting off for thirty minutes or so and he says he is in Houston driving to Austin. In the second Zoom, he’s in his car. I had to listen over and over, actually boring as hell AND I don’t think he had anything to do with her death but it is a strange coincidence and he really is acting a bit irritated in his car but………I had to listen over and over to hear it myself. It’s there though if you reaaaaaallly have time on your hands to listen to the entire thing from 52 minutes on #1 and 54 minutes on the second. Hope that helps you locate them. Thanks for reading.

    2. In the #1 video go to 52 minutes, you will see him with a tan background, they are discussing delaying the zoom a few minutes he says that’s fine he’s in Houston going to Austin anyway, and the next video, if you go to 54 minutes, he is in the car, I had to really listen, but it’s there. No biggy, he just says he’s going to Austin and it is the 27th. coincidence … but…..strange, yep it’s there.

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