Unfortunately for Sherre Johnston the window of opportunity for her to be studied and really helped has passed and now it’s time to go straight to prison for Felony DWI. Sherre is probably one of only maybe ten Narcissist women I’ve ever met in my life. Now she’ll just join some prayer group in Gatesville and miss out on the real group therapy of the real world in gen pop which would do her a world of good.

Sherre is just a name in a picture that’s sad and the real issue here is the CORRUPTION that led us to this true tragedy in her family. You holier than thous did this, or pretended to in honor of YOUR friend the Sheriff of this County, oh, and others, Judge Vik Badscrabblehand has NOTHING to be proud of here. Hello shout out to Judge Vik. We are watching you with great suspicions.

Sherre is addicted to authority figures, men in uniforms, getting caught being bad, and being redeemed. Would you please all face the incredible mishmash of Freudian Shakespearean shit going on in that head? Please.

NO ONE has gotten this much favored treatment EVER. She’s going to prison you incredible blind people. Prison. She couldn’t make weekend jail and no one made her do it either but now, thanks to you overly religious people who just prayed it away over and over, and her boyfriends dead and alive, she is going to prison. FELONY.

Anyone who has served their time, anyone who has had to go through THIS system which WAS CORRUPT under Reyna and still is with Parnell, but at least the food chain is broken, can tell you it’s an angry thing to see someone THIS pampered, pettted, overmedicated and overeducated.

Dr. Barbin, oh, a big shout out there too, yes, Dr. Barbin the Great, is Sherre’s doctor.

Get real people, or not, frankly, the saddest thing in old age is boring people and you, frankly, bore me to tears of rage.

I am waiting for your “you mock God”, replies and other pieces of Christian womanly advice, look what you have done. Your collective grips on reality allowed corruption to go unchecked and a woman who may have been helped years ago, get by with adultery, embarrassment of her husband, who, by the way looked like a pretty damned good guy to me, her poor kids, other women’s families that SHE broke up, on and on, while everyone just continued the joke with her.

She will get out of prison and when she gets back will you welcome here back? I doubt it, this is one unforgiving town unless you’re rich and powerful.

I love it when I’m called “crazy”, right?

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