The dilemma, at least in Waco, it seems is who do you keep as your patient, even in retirement, and who you don’t. Who do you make “special”, seems the richest and most vocal of the addicts you’ve made, that’s who.



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If you are a daughter or son, caring for someone the first thing you do is check out how much medicine they are taking. Younger people are not stupid, don’t think they are, and they know drugs and doctors, they also know that Nana doesn’t need to drink on most of them. When you see someone go wild, not sleep, or act in an unusual manner, young folks will get into your pills

Then the fights start. They start because sons and daughters can’t believe that kindly old Dr. ___________ seems to have overmedicated mom at best, for years, hell, decades.

Numerous people have written and called complaining about the incredible problem they are having with their family members who are just flat addicts. No other doctors in town want them, they’re frightened to death because Dr. Feelgood’s patients are overmedicated, old, and liable to die detoxing from who knows what. Their tolerance is much higher than their tolerance with the grandkids of late, because they have been overmedicated for years. Years.

A little pill, a little booze, “ignore it, ignore it, ignore it”, until you can’t.

So, how does a Doctor who is also a kindly Drug Kingpin retire? Like a game of Wack a Mole, the patients get their scripts, pill up, and duck their head down into the hole until popping up again at the most inconvenient moments, beware Christmas. Suddenly, a seventy something drug dealing Doctor is getting frantic calls from his eighty year old addicted patient, who has had a few too many “Blue Xanax”, and booze at Thanksgiving.

The calls get more frequent and the list of patients who go back on to the list of special patients kept even in retirement grows.

Time flies for the drug dealer Doctor and it’s time to dump all the special patients, the ones who yell too loud and you just medicate to get rid of them. They have the best insurance and money, they’ve paid like a slot machine for years.

Let’s not forget the drug dealer Doctor has profited with this relationship for years and years, a tacit approval, the words of truth never spoken. Pretend the doctor likes you, he likes your money and DePaul is in your eighty year old mother’s Covid future.

Dr. Feelgood also accounts for the very strange behavior of several respectable ladies over the years. Seems DWI’s, and a few other brushes with the law, all due to over medicating plus alcohol which the Doctor was made aware of by a very credible and formidable source. Didn’t stop a thing.

The identity of this caring, sweet man, who is currently gnashing his teeth in abject fear of Mother Texas and her agencies, is not unknown in the transmission of the underground truth of this vapid place.

Since everyone is brother in lawed up, vs. the not from here’s, we must take care of our own.

We are also quite sure that somewhere out there a group of altruistic Waco menfolks are bantering around the good doctor’s name for some Civic Award of b.s. in the bubble.

One source told me, “How can this man retire? He is leaving behind him decades of drug dealers he’s had since they were young.”

Uh oh.


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