The Venerable Judge Ralph Strother who will forever be remembered for the big ending to his career, “THE BAYLOR RAPIST” total fiasco, and for being the meanest, gnarliest, blaze faced big earred ugliest man in the Courthouse inside and out has finally made this writer happy.

Harry’s been saving “Ralph leaves the Courthouse”, or “Dobby Mystery Solved” for a year or so now as a parting shot to a man who really just downright sucked.

Mean, recuse, not recuse, get mad, red faced, mean, mean and NON Judicious when it came to a man choking a woman with his pp down her throat and repeated rape at Baylor. Rich parents and what appeared to everyone, sorry Ralphie we’re not that stupid, to be “sketchy”, “smelly”, and at best good ole boy loyalty womenfolk definitely not withstanding.

Goodbye you mean little fk, you’re NOT VENERABLE, your Legacy is THE BAYLOR RAPIST CASE and your part in it. YOU put Waco on the map, surely did for being corrupt.

YOU MADE YOUR LEGACY, they’ll give you a party and a cake but no one , little man, will miss you.



Baylor Frat Judge Has Recent History of Lenient Sentences for Accused Rapists

Texas Judge Ralph Strother has received backlash for helping men accused of sexual assault avoid harsher sentences.By Marie Solis

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