Before you write me this morning all hacked off, remember “they” could get rid of me ever so easily. Remember, I have volunteered, in writing, to close this blog forever when McLennan County gets the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT, hell, if they’d just fill out the damned form, I’d fold. THEY could win, but, they won’t do it. If WE had the TEXAS TRANSPARENCY ACT, THEY couldn’t function. THEY would be held accountable because the bored, at home, taxpayer could go online and see every move they made, every dollar spent, and on what, every decision. EVERYTHING. 

Me, today, Kamala Harris was my pick too, the mouthy bitch!! YES.

I remember when John McCain chose Sarah Palin for his running mate, I cried like a child that a woman was running for vice president. That was until I found out she wasn’t for adding polar bears to the endangered species list.and that was the end of that. My short lived happiness as a woman has surfaced again this morning as another mouthy bitch has taken over my tv, Kamala Harris. Go ahead and scream in pain if you got this far.

Oh, she told off Biden in the debate. Yes, she did and he admitted he messed up. See, I like that. I like, “I was wrong.” I like a woman who is not just someone who can lie semi nude across a piano, a woman who can hold her own and doesn’t get her widdle feelings hurt when chided by an entire network. Fox. Nope, Kamala just smiles and goes on. Kamala is like the Honey Badger, she don’t care. She knows who she is. She doesn’t have to have a $50K jacket to settle a spat. Kamala Harris looks like an Oh Hell No, woman to me and I like it.

You show me a man with a strong woman beside him, not behind, and I’ll show you a real man not some spoiled little boy. Show me a man that doesn’t have to have a group of “yes men” around and I’ll show you a real man, a real person on a real life journey not just gathering people who just kiss butt, hang on in fear, or don’t have the strength to stand up. Much like our Coronavirus Task Force.

Okay, go nuts.

You can bet Kamala Harris won’t be able to botox her face enough to hide a “hell no” response. Nope.

Can’t wait to see her debate Mike Pence either.

Go ahead type away, you can’t touch me today.







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