For any of you out there thinking about joining together to buy a cheap gun and hire a cop hitman, cause they’re ALL cop hitmen (according to the President of the State Bar of Texas in a recent tweet), now may not be the time. 

Covid inmates with covid 19 now number at 20, this is with a positive confirmation from a test, and 3 jailers.

One can smell the Clorox from here, so that’s where it is. It makes he shudder to think of the inmates who are sick in the un airconditioned prisons in Texas and the people who truly are risking their lives and that of their families.

We certainly mean YOU whomever you are who took the “old lady” four door, old car, BEIGE for crying out loud from my “she who shall remain nameless” friend last week. IT would seem hard times is bringing out the crackheads with no self respect whatsoever.

Time for everyone to rethink a lot of bad habits, car theft is not popular right now.

old lady car :) | Autotrader, Cars for sale, Cars



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