Bill Johnston, the degenerate offspring of an illustrious sire

Bill Johnston …. creep

The man is a full creeper

Just the worst lawyer I’d ever seen in my life. His dad was a well respected Assistant DA in Ft. Worth but Bill, well, just the worst. I saw him try a case once, just once, I was embarrassed FOR the guy. He wound up working as head of the Hot Check department and no one liked him there either.

HE merely got lucky and fell in with the wonderful groping Judge, Walter Smith, and, of course, the McNamara brothers, along with all the Feds. After he gets Vic in trouble he then goes on to start the Davidian saga and we all know how that ended. Judge Smith and the Mcs all loved him and that lasted a while until people realized that he isn’t worth a damn as a lawyer and is a total piece of dog sh*t when it comes to his personal life, which hasn’t changed since he was in his 20’s. Now he’s an old man and is just ridiculous with it.

Well, he got his start bringing together Channel 8, Charles Duncan, and Ron Boyter the wonderful DPS agent, in the “Conspiracy Suite” of the then Ramada Inn. The rest is history and I wouldn’t let Bill Johnston near any lawsuit I ever had.

Here’s Vic telling about his days with good ole Bill.




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