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Jeff  Kearney, Bravo Sutton well done

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I don’t know Seth Sutton, I do know Jeff Kearney. Jeff defended Vic way back there when he was in trouble.  I love a surprise and this certainly is one. I was trying to think of who I’d call if I were Sutton, depressing task that one. Hiring Jeff Kearney is like just the very best Cadillac of ideas, why didn’t I think of that?

Jeff’s the best. He’s as good and as smooth as he looks, he has had the best career and more awards than he has walls.

BEST OF ALL, Jeff Kearney is fun to watch. The combo of Jeff Kearney with Seth Sutton? Well, let’s see what shakes and I don’t have to be scared and worried and just eating myself up trying to figure out wtf, just like a lot of other people.

We can all go back to gardening, stop worrying, you got Jeff Kearney as your lawyer, Seth Sutton.

Ain’t the last act yet.

Bravo, well done.














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