This line is from yet another threat from Johnny Ash, “hurt someone you love”, that’s a threat, no? Guess not. Guess it’s as okay as sending someone a picture of yourself with a “pistol packing mama” t shirt.

Yep, I sent it to our DA Barry Johnson, guess it’s okay with him, after all I am a blogger and “deserve it”, much like a rape victim asking for it I suppose.

I also went to the Sheriff’s department IN PERSON and gave it to them too, along with pics of my tombstones and threats from the Sheriff’s shack job and brother moving accomplice Sherre J.

If I had a thousand dollars, hell, I’d just give it to the Sheriff as a contribution, then I’d be an equal to big Johnny Ash and could run around with the big boys like Clifton Robinson.

If they come after you too, don’t bother with the pd or the DA or the Sheriff. Get a gun.

It’s time to protect yourself because all your officials have been bought and bought cheap.

Yep, here they are, are wonderful deputies taking a woman with children out of her house for a lot less than death threats.

Big men, right? What a joke.


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