What did the world do before Xanax, Prozac, and other anti depressants became popular and commonplace?  Marlboro Reds, baby. When Vic was on trial facing 80 calendar years, I smoked. I smoked it up with friends who smoked it up and many have gone to that big Marlboro Ranch in the sky.  Jack Frels and all the feds, hell, the place itself, Walter Smith, the degenerate offspring of an illustrious sire, the whole thing was a “trigger” for cigarettes.

Forced to sit quietly, sometimes with a Marshall seated next to me, I fiended for cigarettes. For long stretches of testimony, I’d come prepared with Jolly Rancher hard candies, for the hard smoker.

Damned cellophane, however gave me away and Jack Frels, called for a “candy sweep” of the courtroom which frightened at least 12 people including me. Vic and I walk down Federal Memory Lane together about this and other fun facts of Deep State vs. the Feazells.  Aaaah.



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