This did not happen, this is not Sherre Johnston but part of a plot against her by KWTX and others to not allow her to photoshop her pictures and whiten her teeth.  Since ALL charges against her, including the drunk at jail, pill cooching, burglary of the sheriff’s shed, numerous DWI’s and unlawfully carrying a weapon have been dismissed,  tax payers paid for it but poof, it never happened so there you un Christian, terrible people going to hell.

My life is ever so turned around                        sherre

From my dried up uterus, from my bad plastic surgery, from my lady parts I can’t give away, from my unChristian, going to hell self, fuck you phoney man crazy bitch. I didn’t cheat on my husband and someday you’re old alkie self will get old too. Can’t wait.This is written to you by an old woman with, dried up ovaries, no one likes, who can’t give it away on a troop train, bitch, liar, non Christian, going to hell according to Sherre and her new fatboy boyfriend Jim Parks. As you can see from the photo below, I am just scared to death of them both since they have God Almighty on their side and it seems they can see into anyone’s soul and I don’t.   Wonder if faithful Grandpa Truman has room in the truck to go see the baby with Jimbo in the car, well, and other law enforcement guys. ROADTRIP.

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ME after finding out that Gawd messed up the paperwork at the jail and Sherre got off another case.

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“Here Truman, hold my purse,  go sit down while I get Judge Vik to drop three DWI’s into one, then forget about it too, plus the unlawfully carrying a weapons charge, and go to jail on the weekends. Oh, you have to take me but my husband and kids are so used to you after all these years, why not.”

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Hello, Judge Vik, I have PTSD, I have a good lawyer and I promise to be a good girl, see that sweet Danielle London, she fell for it too, of course, Abel is my best friend but…..

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OOOOooooh, Judge Vik, I like your robes

Barbie GIF

Won’t this vacation be fun, I told Judge Vik I was having surgery, we can skydive for two weeks, he’s so fucking dumb he’ll never know.

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Just because you’re going or not going to weekend jail doesn’t mean you can’t look your best

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He, let’s go to the CLEAT convention and watch Parnell sing

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My fat ass jailers can’t even get a jail house cooch check right, recon it’s because they knew the woman attached to the running shorts was my squeeze??? Hmmm


Here is my new how to get off a ticket or charge aerobics class coming soon after my lawsuit against KWTX especially John Carroll.

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This is my felony workout

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I am famous now, and free, many movie stars want to know how I managed to get off that burglary of the Sheriff’s shed.

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Maybe next year I will get myself a Texas Ranger

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I love all you wonderful Christians I am better than you and the reason I got off six DWI’s, some in Williamson County, unlawfully carrying a weapon, drunk at jail, contraband in a correctional facility is because Jesus loves me and he is not fond of you.

See you next relapse.


I can’t pay for my leg monitor, I can’t pay my fees, my lawyer is court appointed and doesn’t care, I am in here forever, let’s make a cheeto cobbler.

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  1. If she is lucky or even better talented!! I wish i could play my cards without being murdered.. the entire crew would cone down. I guarantee you my charges would not be dropped! Im sickened its a plague!

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