After receiving days of the same old shit under different names except for the same subject, same sentences, same accusations etc., I will now have to say that I will no longer POST ANY MORE STUPID ASS COMMENTS about my motherhood and death of my only son to this DWI bitch or anyone else she pretends to be writing me. This bitch drove drunk, attacked a guy with a serrated knife, had her own kid on heroin and the kid made a few statements to the cops about cutting herself.

SO BITCH you ain’t no better or worse than the rest of us and at least one of us doesn’t have a fucking DPS record and a Xanax up the cooch charge still pending.

Stop fucking with me I am definintely not in the mood to discuss KHARMA and motherhood with your stupid ass, this means you, Keli, Kelli, Taylor and whomever else you feel like throwing up there with the same bad grammar.

Not printing your stupid shit anymore, feel me?



  1. I don’t pretend to be a pretty young girl, you fool. The offense report states all, you idiot, it fell out onto her panties, guess you can’t read or care to. Case still pending. I don’t drive drunk, I know how old I am, and if you want to come after me, bring it you fool. Yes, I’d like to see the dismissal. Cooch, vagina, butt, panties, she hid xanax in a correctional facility you idiot. And if I stunk its because I sat by Parks. Fuck you coward and believer of just anything.

    1. Do you have the offense report? Have you read it? No you haven’t. Or maybe you’re just lying on purpose….Shocker! She had running shorts on. No panties in running shorts, idiot. No Xanax was in there either

    1. Hey, this is your ugly old washed up friend, oh, butt ugly, I just really is you today, I have all my teeth btw since you asked. Everyone really is excited about meeting you. Nice of you to be so loyal to Sherre, pretty girls like Sherre usually have less attractive groupies. Sad but true. Hope you’re ok. xoxoxo.

    2. Whazzamatter, my old dried up stinky bitch godless self got you quiet St.Taylor. Wait till Susan Istre and her husband get hold of you. Real Christians ….

    1. Why would I want to meet with Sherre Johnston? Ha. A whore who broke up a decent woman’s marriage and BEFORE the divorce just fucked in Judy’s bed and rode Judy’s horse because Truman was in cock shock. You’re an idiot.

  2. Sherre was a good piece of ass back in the day. We passed her around like platter of tortilla chips. These days she is a bit long in the tooth. Rode hard and put up wet. Parnell says she can still suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. So maybe they will save her yet again

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