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We have fought the good fight, we beat Abel and took the fun out of Parnell’s 4 more year reign. Unfortunately, on December 10th. Greg Feazell, the only son of Vic and Bernadette Feazell died of a heroin overdose in Acapulco, Mexico. Strange things happen after a sudden death. Especially of one so young, only 37 years old. It was not entirely unexpected and yet it was unexpected.

All I can think about today is how he loved cats, slept with cats, saved up money to spay cats. When he wasn’t on drugs he was amazing. On or off drugs he was loved, greatly loved and he will be missed.

Hurt and hard feelings melt away when such grief is shared among so many who have fractured during many years of hard feelings, great mistakes you can’t take back, pride, and just being stupid I suppose.

If anything besides Greg dying happened, there was a lot of togetherness and forgiveness that was easily given and accepted.

I burned myself up thinking if I had let him go to prison or jail if things would feel better, or have felt better. Greg was never a felon or jail material, just a drug addict who got into minor trouble drugged up from time to time. So new passport and he went back to where he grew up Mexico.

He loved it there, you couldn’t keep him away, he loved to swim and everyone who knew him knew he loved it. No question.

There will be  Phoenix rising out of this tragedy.  Somehow.


To me, this is him,  like his mother, feeling safe with a cat. Always.

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  1. OMG I’m so sorry for ur loss. I wish I could be there to hold ur hand thru this tough time. Either way I’m here as ur friend if u need me.

  2. Heroin has stolen the life and dreams of millions of people and left millions of loved ones gutted and wondering if they could of done more.. The answer is no and if they could tell you themselves they would. Keep the happy memories and place the rest in God’s hands.. So sorry you have to endure this pain … RIP Greg

  3. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved son. You loved him, that was always a constant when you wrote anything regarding Greg. Prison has more drugs than the streets do, so don’t ever think differently, that somehow that would have saved him from heroin. You will be in my prayers. Hugs!

    1. Thank you. I wondered how to feel about prison versus freedom to just be a wild drug addict in Mexico, dead at 37, I am at peace with it, prison helps no one and our justice system is nothing but a joke to make money off the poor. He became a full blown heroin addict right in good old Waco btw. While we’re rescuing oriental girls from buffets the heroin just goes on and on and they know it.

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