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Please get on television and tell us if you moved the body of your brother the day he died or stop running for office.

Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t go on with their lives because they are your tacit accomplices, they lowered their ethics an iddy biddy bit  at a time and no matter how little they like it, they’re on google, some wearing orange jumpsuits and on tv stations which makes them FAIR GAME, just like you.

You have run for office again, knowing you cannot stand up to TWO questions.

Did you move your brother?

Are all those guns yours?

People care because they know if they did something they’d be in deep trouble, most everyone has a screw up in the family, people know what lawyers cost, bail bondsmen, and reputations, they know the power of the bad pictures on google.

They know you moved your brother and that they actually would have forgiven, you’re just that cute, but the favoritism you showed over and over again is just too glaring and made a fool of you, not our fault. We watched though it’s an incredible story and that 911 call, it’s just the best.

I am a monstrous terrible person, however, I am not running for Public Office and I have no intention of being a Public Servant.

I have made many mistakes in my life, however, none of them have made the “good story” this saga has.  Sorry.

You know that it’s gotten too out of hand, the trail of evidence including that 911  call are Public Record and suspicious.

I might get past you moving Mike, but the lies, favoritism, and your continued favoritism and nerve to run again offends me.

That you chip away at the ethics of the people around you offends me.

I am not alone either.

You are an elected official, if anyone needs to tell the truth, it’s you.






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