I never dreamed when I looked at her that day at Weed-Corley, they’d never find her killers, hell, they were at the funeral.  

In their bid to get me to come to the Sheriff’s Dept for a “talk,”  Steve January also told me that I was dead wrong, Lily Hefele’s case was indeed being investigated by the COLD CASE SQUAD. He also informed me without me asking that “David Johnson is not a member of the Cold Case Squad.”  Yep, sure did, see I think we were both on speakerphone.

Since David Johnson did some investigating on his own, per many people who David Johnson, a real Deputy, well, he tried at least, and they’ve told me he talked to them, well, in 2017.  Everyone told him the same forty year old story.

PLUS, they have what is termed “a small cigar” to run DNA on. So what’s the hold up?

No, Sheriff didn’t “take” David Johnson off the case, silly me, no why would he take David off a case that implicated his donor, Johnny Ash?  Nawwww.

So, I asked, “Well, then, what’s the point?”

Aaaah, secrets abound…….I’m sure for the protection of all.



#1. Did you move your brother?

#2. Did you help let certain people off 6 DWI’s, unlawfully carrying a gun, and a few other things because of things that transpired September 1, 2015?

#3. Is Johnny Ash a donor of yours now instead of Abel? Yep, looks like his whole contribution list just moved right on over.

#4. If you’re “investigating Lily Hefele” what’s the hold up?

Come on here.




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